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We make games for you.
We make games for you.

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Cat in the Hat Website Refresh
We recently had the pleasure of working with Penguin Random House and PBS Kids to revamp the PBS Kids Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That website . The primary goal of the revamp was to create a responsive site in HTML5 that worked well on desktops and mo...

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Rail Rally Release!
Do you love dinosaurs? Do you enjoy trains? Do you find yourself daydreaming about bezier curves? Do you wish that you could experience all three together!?! If that's you (and I am quite sure it is since the you not reading this wouldn't be the same you re...

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Check out our foray into paleontology: PBS KIDS Dinosaur Train has a new HTML5 website worthy of the Cretaceous!

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Lightning Runners
Todd and I had a blast working on Heartbeat - Lightning Runners ; check it out! Developed in collaboration with Digital Eskimo for the University of Western Sydney , this puzzle-platformer is aimed at addressing health and culture with aboriginal children i...

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Cat in the Hat: Invention Engine
We released a new game today! It's a little game called Cat in the Hat: Invention Engine . The game is all about building Rube Goldberg-esque machines to help Cat prepare for Fish's birthday party. If you've played The Incredible Machine or Amazing Alex , t...

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We Met Some Future Game Designers
We had the opportunity this past Monday to present at the Maiden Middle School Video Game Club. It was a ton of fun, and they were a great audience! We started with a really informative presentation, sharing a bit about ourselves, what we do, and how we do ...

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Dev Log #4: Cannonball Z
If you played through the alpha then you probably already saw the cannon, but I figure I'd ramble about it anyway since it's a fun object. The cannon idea came from wanting a new moving object to manipulate with our transforms. Cannons seemed like a good id...

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The Shifty, Twisty Forest: Alpha Build
Originally we lost our turtle, but now we're losing our sheep... We're excited to announce the alpha build of The Shifty, Twisty Forest ! This build improves upon our initial prototype with the following improvements: Panels now transition on a tap or click...

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Dev Log #3: A Time to Break Down, and a Time to Build Up!
In the process of working on the self-destroying wall, I thought a natural follow-up would be a growing wall. Again, I'm stealing liberally from Kirby here. This is really the same idea, just in reverse. We start out with all the wall blocks placed, but onl...

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DevLog #2: Boom!
We've got most of the basic shifting/flipping/twisting functionality working, so we've started shifting to level design and obstacle creation. One obstacle we've been working on is a simple switch-gate mechanic. Rather than go for a typical gate, we decided...
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