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Hal Thompson
I'm an IT guy in Calgary. I don't know everything IT related, but I'm always willing to learn
I'm an IT guy in Calgary. I don't know everything IT related, but I'm always willing to learn

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Saw this on twitter and thought it deserved to be shared in more than one place - If more men said "don't be that guy" to each other instead of "not all men" to women... what a wonderful world this could be.

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Ok, this isn't GW2, but damn this is one hell of a character creation tool.  It's for a Korean MMO, no western publisher yet.

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Netflix has acquired the rights to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, including a 6th season that was never aired.  I watched the show when it was on and it was very well done so if you like Star Wars, I highly recommend it.  It'll be released on March 7th

Todays Developer livestream.  Haven't seen it here, but compiled a text list of the upcoming changes from todays developer livestream, figured i'd share the notes and a link to the archive of the stream.  Link to archived stream:

Critical Damage
- Crit Damage as a percentage stat will go away
- Replaced by a numeric stat called Ferocity
- Balanced to be about 10% less damage overall
- PVP crit damage won't change - they feel it's in a good place already
- Numeric amount same as "secondary stat" on gear (e.g. 90 power/60 prec/60 fero for berserker)
- Celestial will have Ferocity amount equal to all other stats.
- Opens up potential for Ferocity to be a primary stat on new stat combo

- Two sigil slots for two-handed weapons!
- No more shared cooldowns!!
- RNG reduced - percent chance on crit will probably just become 100% on-crit
- Still only one stacking sigil type (bloodlust, perception etc.)
- Dual swap sigils WILL both proc. (e.g. Battle + Geomancy or Air + Fire)

- Adding strong bonuses further towards rune #4/5/6 to give more benefit of having full sets
- Added more condi duration on early bonuses so 2/2/2 is still possible
- Examples: Strength: 1) +25 power, 2) 10% might duration, 3) 50 power, 4) 15% might duration and 25% might proc on hit, 5) 100 power, 6) 20% might duration, +5% damage under might.
- Fixing Rune #6 bonuses and other rune bugs (e.g. Ranger runes etc.)
- They've done a balance pass over runes and sigils to try to improve diversity.

- Adding new unlockable stat combos for PVP (similar to how new heal skills are being added)
- This is more speculative / for future, probably not in next build

Balance Preview - There will be balance updates in the next build:

- Signet of Restoration is restored to full power (no more pve/pvp split)
- Armor of Earth cooldown goes from 90s to 75s (pre-cantrip mastery)
- 3 seconds of Regen added to Water Trident (for up to 5 allies)- support+condi removal for scepter
- Burning Speed now evades during cast! (more melee survival for d/d)
- Frozen Burst is now a blast finisher! (can combo with Burning Speed)

- Net Turret immobilize reduced by 1 second
- Poison grenades - poison applied per tick reduced from 5 to 3 seconds
- Toolkit - Box of Nails/Piranhas cast time reduced from 1 sec to 3/4 sec
- AED cast time reduced from 1 sec to 3/4 sec (may go to 1/2sec later)

- Litany of Wrath cast time reduced from 1 sec to 3/4 sec (may go to 1/2sec later)
- Vigorous Precision cooldown increased to 10 sec (so only 50% vigor uptime)
- Healing Breeze rescaled so 50% self-applies on cast, then 10% per tick for 5 seconds on allies

- Critical Infusion cooldown increased to 10 sec (so only 50% vigor uptime)
- Deceptive Evasion will no longer create a new clone if you already have full images (no overwrites) (yeesh, that's huge. RIP clone-death builds.) :'(

- Putrid Explosion is no longer unblockable
- Training of the Master damage bonus reduced from 30% to 25%
- Dhuumfire changed to make only Life Blast apply 3 sec burning with 10 sec cd - no longer split pve/pvp.  Less passive -- controllable application, and makes for active counter-play possibilities
- Vampiric Master rebalanced, so Mastery gives the biggest leech boost (thanks, /u/razinbread)

- Spirit of Nature healing was bugged - changing to 320hp / sec
- Considering adding combo field to all trap skills (Viper's Nest => poison field, etc.)
- Empathetic Bond will no longer remove conditions when pet is dead
- Making steps towards allowing dodge during sword auto chain (server-side fixes involved)

- Positive things coming that won't be discussed yet (same for ranger)
- Pistol Whip possibly split into two-part skill with separate ini cost (stun and then slashes separated)

- Healing Signet passive reduced by about 8% (~30hps), active may be improved / altered
- Pin Down has new animation / tell, cast time increased from 1/4 to 3/4 sec

~This is a non-exhaustive list, full set will be in patch notes.~

Happy mothers day to all the moms out there, including those who have departed before we were completely ready to say goodbye to them.

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Had to share this moment from the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

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This is just awesome

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