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Ashwin Kumar
An Idea that is not Dangerous is unworthy of being called an Idea at all
An Idea that is not Dangerous is unworthy of being called an Idea at all

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Tanka of Nights
5-7-5-7-7 Eyes blinded by black, cheese comes in vicinity, as sun shies away. Unrelenting eyes, unseen, by nature, sight to behold. My light reveals way, a journey by dray or foot, through the frequent paths. Cryptic sea relents, but cloaks, to heat of wood...

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The Hesitation - Pollination
Sorry for taking too long to post a new work. I have been busy in making submissions and planning a series. I will be posting the series here, once I start writing it. As for this story, I had sent this for submission and it was rejected. Is that a wrong th...

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Rabid Dunces
three men took their seats near one another. As the first one prayed for a safe
journey, the second took a blank look at him. The third man let out a chuckle
of contempt. As soon
as the prayers got over, he gave the third man, who sat against him, a ste...

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Feeling grumpy.

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Suicidal Instincts
Every country has laws. Three laws are constant
among all. All nations. All men. Man
shall not kill any other man. He
shall not kill himself. He
shall not put in danger the life of another man. The three rules of human existence. More
like the three rules f...

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The plight of Students portrayed well...

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Feeling great.

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What is problem with these Prophets and Religions? All hell has broken loose.

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