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Exploring California in my free time
Exploring California in my free time
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I'm enjoying all of the memes from United's ummm... mishap.

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I'm not anti-Uber, I just disagree with a lot of what they do.

Here's an option. It's only in Austin, it's better on every dimension.

The catch? It's only in Austin. But I think the proof of concept is done.

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And in today's news: Man races Subway to a tie.

In secondary news: I'd stay on the train. Racing it looks like a lot of work.

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This is the "right" kind of wrong to share with the world.

I enjoy lurking a subreddit called vandwellers. Some live in their (customized) vans as a way of life, some for adventures, camping, others as a lower carbon footprint RV.

Either way, it avoids tents and often packs in water and cooking.

This thing though... is just wow. Who funded that? It's... It's just "no."

But I do recommend the subreddit. There's some truly spectacular set ups sometimes.

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Cameras aren't the enemy here, guys. Lying to say that recording is against the law is extremely suspect and unhelpful.

There may be a legitimate motive, but... Lying to the public, while entirely legal, undermines the trust that the Law Enforcement community will ask for later.

Good thing this guy is an attorney. It changed the dynamic in noticeable ways and I felt like the exchange improved quite a bit from that point.

I do think this burned their sting, so some frustration makes sense. Lying though... does not. Especially when it is not the local PD's policy to do so.

I live in a place where the police have a real job to do, complete with threat of loss of life (it's happened, as have police initiated shootings). As far as I can tell, they've been nothing but competent and well trained community oriented officers.

Somehow I think this is sooo much better than what we see here.

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It'd be nice if all of this was cleared up quickly.

Was he fooled by a crank call? Was it real?

If it was a crank call, it would be embarrassing, but understandable. Either way, leaving this ambiguous hurts his practice - if he's still practicing.

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Innovation isn't bad, in fact, it's typically a good thing.

When you consistently show that the only thing guiding decisions is conquest, it may eventually come back to hurt you.

We're talking about people here. People with lives, families, emotions, health... and while this articles focuses on developers and white collar concerns, that's only part of the story.

I'm not anti-Uber. I do think they need to do a very deep rethink. Beginning about 2 years ago.

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Signal bump.

The one man who most consistently won rhetorically. I'd call the agent and tell them to drop it. This isn't the conversation they want right now.

I'm hoping for more details as to why he's being reviewed.

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Sharing because many friends and acquaintances here are former SUers. It's not a major connection or anything, but Garrett Camp, a cofounder of StumbleUpon, is also a billionaire for founding Uber.

Somehow, to me, that makes this more interesting.

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Functional, I suppose. But it doesn't look right for a professional environment.

I think they may regret this decision. I'm sure they market tested their stuff, but... I'm not in high school anymore and neither are most buyers.
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