Sharing Quality Content On Google+

When you share quality content you’re adding value to Google+ and users such as myself are on the constant lookout for new people to Circle who are posting entertaining and useful and information.

Quality content entertains, educates, and helps engage the community! If you don’t share content that is considered valuable you cant expect to gather a large group of followers or receive much attention on your posts. Keep in mind, your focus should never be aimed at being “popular”, your focus should be aimed at providing valuable content to the community.

So what does one consider quality content? Unique, well written, and original content that your audience will find interesting and informative. Okay, okay, so not everyone is a great writer of original content, that doesn’t mean you can’t provide valuable curated content by digging through the Internet to find the not so easily found awesome content that lurks deep within. (20 Best Kept Secrets for Finding Content to Share: ).

Whether you’re sharing original content or curating content here are a few tips that can help you produce better quality posts:

• Start with a focus by picking a few topics to post about.
• Share content you think a lot of users will find interesting.
• Be unique and give your posts personality. Let users get to know you more.
• Summarize reshared posts by giving them your own twist.
• Don’t just reshare content, create your own content!
• Add variety to your posts by sharing videos and pictures. Words only = boring.
• Don’t go crazy with posting. Quality is more important than quantity!

Have tips you think should be added to the list? Let me know and I'll add them :)

Happy posting!

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