How To Get Your Facebook Friends Over To Google+

This is a question nearly everyone new to Google+ asks, even myself shortly after signing up. The answer? You can’t.

The reason you’re here, or one of the reasons you’re here is because you were in search of a new experience. Maybe you got tired of Facebook, maybe you were just bored and needed something fresh, or maybe you’ve just become so irritated with Facebook you said “screw it! I’m leaving!”. What ever the case you came here for a reason even though you might not know what that reason is. If your Facebook friends and family are enjoying their experience right where they are you can’t expect them to move. They need their own reasons, not just your reasons even if they are great reasons.

I’ll attempt to explain it in a way that everyone can understand. Let’s assume for a moment that you live in Chicago and all your Facebook friends and family also live in Chicago. You’re bored, so bored you want a change. An idea comes to mind to move to Miami, the weather is warmer, the culture is different, and best of all there’s a topless beach! Okay… that’s not one of your reasons, we have no topless beaches in Google+. At any rate you pack up all your belongings and head to Florida. Before you’re completely settled in you realize that you’re a little out of your element. You don’t quite fit in yet, things may seem a little alien to you. Naturally you get a little homesick. Not homesick from Chicago but homesick being away from your comfort zone and interacting with people you trust and care for. So you call your friends and family explaining how wonderful Miami seems and try talking them into making the move also. But they refrain, not because they don’t believe you that Miami’s a nice place to live, but because they don’t have strong enough reasons to move. They’re quite comfortable in Chicago. And so you try to make the best of the situation and get out a little, you stroll through the streets and window shop. You see the potential of Miami but feel alone; you want to experience it with people you know.

Here’s the thing, even if you could get all your Chicago friends and family to make the move your experiences in Miami would be no different than the experiences you had in Chicago. Here’s why. The only thing different would be your environment, not your experiences. Hanging out with your Chicago friends in a bar in Miami would only mean that the room you were sitting in was different. Your conversations would be the same and your connections would be the same, in fact not much would change at all. After a while that Miami bar will feel exactly like a Chicago bar. You’re right back where you started!

Solution? Get out of your Miami beachfront condo and meet new people! Make new experiences in a brand new environment. Mingle! Talk to a to people on the beach, if you’re an artist walk into an art gallery and make friends with people who share your love for art. Find people who have the same interests as you and get to know them. It won’t take long for you to realize you don’t need your Chicago friends and family to have a good time in Miami. Actually, after a while you’ll be glad they are there and you are somewhere different since you're breaking free has opened up a whole new world for you. When your Chicago friends and family get so sick and tired of shoveling waist deep snow every winter there’s a very good chance they’ll book a short vacation to Miami and check things out. Warm weather and nice people will sure catch their attention, who knows maybe they’ll pack up that U-Haul and make the move. Until then, build your own experiences and don’t depend on others to build them for you. You'll thank yourself for it later, trust me.
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