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Anne Carlisle
author of BIRDWOMAN (Diary of a Siren series, Volume 1)
author of BIRDWOMAN (Diary of a Siren series, Volume 1)

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Up for a racy summer read? I'm Destiny. The novel by Anne Carlisle featuring moi has received a five-star review from a UK best-selling author!
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Post has attachment My book The Siren's Tale is on this blog today with a giveaway. Check it out!

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Five Enthusiastic Stars for Aleks Sager's Daemon
I  love the arrivals & departures theme of this new book by Lucinda Elliot, one of my favorite UK writers. It is original  and densely cr...

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Rings of Passage by Karla Tipton: Review by Anne Carlisle. I'm proud to say that Karla Tipton is a fellow author at Lazy Day Publishin...

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By Feifei Le, on Goodreads
Before I begin, I was given a copy for an honest review of the book.
First, I am normally not a paranormal reader. After reading the Twilight series I completely lost interest in vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc... What made this book stand out to me was that the paranormal element wasn't something you usually expected. I like the fact that Anne used sirens and later in her book, she brings in some Greek mythology (which I adore) to further explain the role of sirens in her tale. I like that.
Though this is part of the HOME SCHOOLING TRILOGY, the book can be read as a standalone. This second installment begins with Chloe Vye's retelling of her mother Cassandra's past to her cousin Marlena Bellum, hoping to educate her about their siren heritage and influence Marlena to come to a decision about her life problems. The history all began in 1900 Alta, Wyoming, where the beautiful redhead Cassandra is hexed by a religious fanatic. Cassandra does have powerful siren powers, but she only uses them on occasion, and prefers her lovers to come to her of their own will. After attracting and then losing many, she finally comes to realize how deadly the curse is.
Another thing I must add is that Anne's characters are so vivid!! Cassandra is a paranormal figure, yet she is humanly portrayed. She has powers, but she has problems too. A lot of them. I got to read and feel Cassandra's warring emotions as she struggles to do what was right and what was in her heart. She overcame many obstacles and I was half in awe of her. This woman is one complex figure, but she is not immortal, and I love how Anne does not downplay her flaws.
That being said, I really enjoy the book plot and how Anne combines past and present POVs. Though this is NA, the writing style is unique, almost bordering on full adult. It took me some time to get into the book, but once I fell into the characters and the addicting story plot, I was hooked. I just HAD to know what happened to Cassandra, and what Marlena decides. This book kept me on my toes and though the story doesn't end with a cliffhanger, it leaves the reader wanting more of the tale. Cassandra's curse still lives on, and a bitter enemy is quietly closing ranks on their family. Yikes! I will be reading book 1 of this series and definitely book 3 when it comes out!!

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Thanks for the invitation, +Rebecca Vance! Like Grace, I'm not very conversant with Google+, but I'm delighted at the opportunity to connect with readers of new historical fiction. 

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