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Lisa Nelson
A very blessed Mother of 3 (8 year old, 4 year old and 7 month old) and owner of The Squishable Baby
A very blessed Mother of 3 (8 year old, 4 year old and 7 month old) and owner of The Squishable Baby

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I am really trying to take a rest day today. #addicted

Really trying - really super hard.



I don't think I'm going to make it. My brain is already planning a 30-min cardio blast. I feel like it.

I don't know what to do with myself.

I was thinking of cooking something big for dinner. I guess I have to raid the freezer and see what I can dig up (literally and figuratively) and defrost.

#restday #fitmama 

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My 8-year old asked to go to the library. She is interested in books that teach sign language #asl

Her good friend knows sign language and she wants to communicate with her.

I like the independent learning. She is learning fast. Goes to show you, when they are interested, they will learn.

#growinglearners #summerlearning #growingbookworms #homeschoolingkids

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With the intermittent fasting one meal a day thing and the 48-hour fasts, I have had people ask me whether I get tempted making the kids meals - and how I deal with that temptation.

True, I am around food ALL THE TIME. I can't get away from it. I had to learn how to deal with that. Do I get tempted? Sometimes. Not as much as in the beginning, but sometimes, yes I get tempted.

How do I get over it? First, I review my goals in my mind and ask myself if eating this or that aligns with my goals. If the answer is no, then it's not so hard to pass because what I want will taste so much better than whatever that food is in front of me.

Second, I have willpower. It's a superpower you develop over time. In the beginning - when i weighed 300 lbs. and lacked willpower, I trained myself. I put one of those giant muffins on a table that I passed a million times a day. I just left it there and celebrated the day when that muffin was still there at the end of the night. #willpower

Personally speaking, I love fasting. It has taught me so much about me and my strength. There is something also invigorating about feeling hunger and knowing that it isn't going to kill me. I like feeling empty. I guess that stems from a lifetime of overeating, overfeeding, and abusing food - where I felt sick all the time and was filled with self loathing.

#intermittentfasting #onemealaday #keto #ketogenics #fastedtraining #momsoninstagram #momoffour

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Up with the kids. Fixed low carb meals, worked hard to get out of the house by 9 #impossible. Boot camp and a 30-minute treadmill run at the gym.

It's nice to know I have a safe, mom-jittery, no caffeine, and natural all-day energy alternative for days like these. #winning

#fitmama #momsoninstagram #keto #ketogenic #intermittentfasting #fastedtraining #momoffour #goalcrusher #cardioworkout #treadmillworkout #bossmama 

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Who knew having 4-kids AND defined abs was possible? #both

As much as I want to - and maybe as much as some of you want me to - I'm not going to sit here and lie and tell you this was easy.

It is not easy.

There are no magic drinks, meal replacements, or pills. There are no magic anything - period. There is only hard work, dedication and heart. It's the belief that it can happen, the will to make it happen, and the hope of a much better life.

I dedicated myself to my body and my health. #thatsit

I learned along the way. I have made mistakes and learned from those and I have done good things that I pass along to others.

Most importantly, my greatest results happened when I stopped following somebody's cookie cutter diet and meal plans.

I'm unique, my body is unique - and when I took the time to learn to eat for my body and to fit my lifestyle #winning #change

I put in the hard work in and out of the kitchen.

If you want it, it's totally possible without surgery, without pills, without constant criticism. Only a positive and supportive environment and a person who isn't going to take excuses/constant bullshit for why you can't achieve.

Are you ready to move change your life? #lifechanging

Contact me and say, I'm ready to change my life.


#weightloss #weightlossjourney #sixpackabs #fitmama #momoffour #momsoninstagram 

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Spending the summer doing jigsaw puzzles. #growinglearners #funwithkids #summerfun

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I don't want my kids to get diabetes. I don't want them to get high blood pressure. I don't want them to be morbidly obese. I don't want them to go down the unhealthy path that many black people travel.

I don't want them to struggle like I have. I want them to have a better life than I did. I want them to be happier and live better.

I am getting them out everyday doing something physical. We are working out together everyday. Today it was a long walk and a 30-minute workout.

I want them to get used to working out and being active so that when they are older, I hope they will make better choices than I did.

I certainly hope they will find better ways of dealing with pain, disappointment, and stress than turning to food and feeding themselves irresponsibly.

#fitmama #momoffour #momsongplus

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#recipe awesome and easy salmon burger with avocado salsa. It's delicious and #itsontheblog


#keto #ketogenic #intermittentfasting #ketorecipes #easyrecipes #lchf 

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I put myself to bed hungry last night. I woke up early and full of energy.

It is also a gorgeous day.

So what would you do if you haven't eaten in a day and a half and it was a beautiful day?

I went a runnin'! Why the hell not? I had the energy and desire.

I wonder where all that energy comes from? #ketosis

The run was only 30-minutes. I wanted to get home in time for the men's final #wimbledon #gofederer

#theimportantthingsinlife #fitmama #fastedtraining #intermittentfasting #ketogenic #lchf #momsoninstagram #momoffour 

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Quick sprints on the treadmill today. 18 minutes. 3-minute warm up and cool down. 1 minute at 5 MPH jog and 30-seconds at 7.5 MPH. 8 sprint rounds - 18 minutes. Burned more calories than I do doing 30-minutes steady state cardio - and my metabolism will be pumped all day.

Off to mow the lawn! 😘

#fitmama #treadmillworkout #momsoninstagram #momoffour #intermittentfasting #fastedcardio #fastedtraining #ketogenic #keto 
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