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Lisa Nelson
A very blessed Mother of 3 (8 year old, 4 year old and 7 month old) and owner of The Squishable Baby
A very blessed Mother of 3 (8 year old, 4 year old and 7 month old) and owner of The Squishable Baby

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Took a 4-hour gun familiarization and safety course.

I have never shot a gun, much less held one.

It is time.

We learned about the inner workings, a bit about ammunition, how to safely operate a gun, how to store it, a bit about conceal and carry, the gun buying process, and carrying guns across state lines.

We then shot 3 different guns down a range - 15 feet. We shot a .22, a 357 revolver, and a 9mm.

It was very loud.

The .22 was very easy to load and shoot. Did well with aiming. The revolver was too heavy, grip much too large and hammer and trigger too tight for me. The 9mm was more difficult to load and kickback too much.

It was fun and relaxing at the same time.

I don't anticipate going to the range, but I would like to take another course. I feel like a lot of information was packed into very little time. Even though I have a manual, I need someone to show me.

I would like to more about purchasing the right gun and safety with children in the house. Particularly bullets that won't penetrate walls or at least a second wall - and maybe smart plans to put into place so no one is shot, you know?

I was nervous at first - shooting. I was worried about the sound and kickback. I kept telling myself, just point it down range no matter what. LOL.

I know it was psychological, but it seemed that the sound was louder when I was waiting for other people to shoot than when I was shooting. It didn't seem loud then.

#handgun #education 

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Fast break - or maybe break fast.

I wanted something small. Been fasting all day, fasted training and zoo walking. Getting ready for a long night out where I won't be able to eat.

I need something that will hold me and is good for me.

I chose Trim Fuel chocolate because it's a blank palette and perfect for #keto. 0g fat, 1g net carbs, and 24g protein. I mixed it with 2 tbsp chia for thickening, 1 tbsp flax for great omega 3's, 2 tbsp peanut butter because I'm nut crazed and 1/2 cup almond 1/2 cup water.

#fastbreak #breakfast #intermittentfasting #ketogenics #proteinshake #momsoninstagram #momoffour


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Delish duck eggs on a keto bun, with aged cheddar and 1/2 avocado. #whatsfordinner

I love duck eggs. They are so much richer and tastier than chicken eggs. The yoke is bigger - which is my favorite part! I like them runny!

#fitmama #duckeggs #keto #ketogenics #lchfdiet #momsoninstagram #momoffour 

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Being happy with life and yourself is extremely important. It makes me a better mother, friend, wife and person. Going to the salon and spending hundreds of dollars for a relaxer and cut, or color that I can't maintain is not possible.

Enter #divatress the online superstore for #africanamerican wigs and hair and beauty products. Do you have natural hair? No problem. Need a relaxer? No problem. Whatever you need, it's Divatress has it!

Purchase from the privacy of your home computer and support small business and stay-at-home mothers like us.

Check it out!

#ad #beauty

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Our favorite thing to do no matter where we are.

Enjoying a bag of Targhetto popcorn with my little friend!

#funwithkids #popcorn #relaxing 

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Having a bit of an anti-social moment.

There are guests here. I'm a bit tired and not really feeling Grayson's made-up games or Roya climbing over me.

I just need quiet for a moment - to get my energy level up -and then I can return to social life. Or return to social life at the next big diaper blow-out or crying kid that nobody wants to deal with (whichever comes first).

So I have myself locked up in a room upstairs sprawled across the bed. Just laying and hearing nothing. Doing nothing. Not training or watching TV. Not playing tennis or reading. I'm just looking up at the ceiling, hiding.

Do you ever do that or even need it?

#mentalbreak #resting #quiet #momsoninstagram #tired #momoffour 

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Happy 15th to my hubby. Love you!

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A hilly and flaty interval workout at the gym to start my day.

The hills - they kill my legs. Seriously. Running a hill at 6 MPH is about all I can take. My legs 🔥🔥🔥🔥

You know what I realized when "the high" kicked in? It feels so much like home to me here. Somewhat on the treadmill and the gym - but more, just being here. It is like coming home, you know? This is where it all started. This is where I grew up. This is where my family is.

It just feels so good and right being here. #love

#fitmama #treadmillworkout #hillworkout #teamsweat #momsoninstagram #familyvacation #momoffour 

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Yesterday we had a lot of fun playing in the sun at Teddy Bear Park. At the park there are trains to drive, tubs to walk through, tree houses to climb, hammocks to lay in, slides to slide, sand to dig through, and teddy bears to climb on!

It's an adventure world for a toddler, preschooler, and infant.

#funwithkids #momsonvacation #familyvacation #momsoninstagram #parkplaytime #parkplaydate #momoffour 

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I was able to finally reach my goal weight with a high healthy fat, low-carb diet. I was unable to do that with a low fat lifestyle.

Do you know how difficult it is to lose the last 10-20 lbs. when you have already lost 140 lbs.? LOL.

I was able to finally have defined abs. A high fat diet helped me to achieve this goal.

I am able to live a flavorful fulfilling life on a high fat diet instead of preservatives, additives, and flavorless foods.

I was able to rid myself of seasonal allergies with a high fat diet. Not so with low fat.

My body works more efficiently, my blood pressure is phenomenal (I was on high blood pressure meds a year ago), I have more energy and am happier on a high fat diet.

The low fat craze began in the 70's, and all we have been doing since is getting fatter.

People, it doesn't work - no matter how hard you try.

Are you tired of living a life that lacks flavor? Are you tired of trying and not getting the results you want? Are you tired of expensive meal replacements filled with junk - paying mountains of money for them to work only for a minute or two?

Are you ready to eat good whole nutritious foods, eat abundantly and achieve your weight loss and fitness goals?

I definitely was and that's why I made the change.

If you are, too - I'm ready to help you get there. Contact me. I have a FREE 2-week group "what is ketogenics and how can I make it work for me" starting at the beginning of July. Don't delay. My groups fill up fast.


#keto #ketogenics #intermittentfasting #momsoninstagram #momoffour #freegroup #fitmama #fitmamastrong #160lbsgone #160lbs

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