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Teaching and learning
Teaching and learning


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A Restorative Conversation goes really well
May 28, 2015: A restorative conversation stops a spiraling Tiara. This morning, I walked into an SBAC testing room and saw that there was cereal on the floor around Tiara’s desk (Tiara is a 6th grade student at our school, and, of course, this name is a pse...

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Close Reading + Teacher Time Outs
Last week, I had the pleasure of working with one of our teachers for three days straight, trying to learn as much as we could about Close Reading. Some background: 1. I wrote about  Close Reading  before. If you're into problem-based mathematics, you are p...

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An exhilarating conversation
Sebastian: Daddy, do you want to know what happened in school today? Me: Of course I do. Sebastian: My teacher was subtracting and said, we can't do 2 minus 8. So I raised my hand and said, "yes we can; it's negative 6." My teacher said, "you're ridiculousl...

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Seven for Sebastian
Hey everybody, I haven't written in a long time because I've been spending most of my time listening. Also, I've got this quote stuck in my head from Jorge Luis Borges: No hables a menos que puedas mejorar el silencio. Don't speak unless you can improve the...

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CA Summer 2014
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Reflections on Montreal: 1,4, and 5
Avid reader Kerri writes:  "Considering that I will be taking my 11 year old daughter to Haiti in the summer, where french creole is the language, and which we know none of...I'd be interested in all of the above topics but especially 1, 4 & 5." Ask and ye ...

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Montreal: Choose your own adventure
Hello, friends! The kids an I just spent a few days in Montreal. We had a great time, but that's not a very insightful post in itself. I have a lot of insights from this trip, but don't want to write 10 pages of insights. What do you want to know about? 1. ...

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If you're curious, you can read my preamble to this project here . I subscribe to the philosophy that simpler is almost always better. Keep that in mind as you read my macro-structure for teaching character in writing class. Every Thursday in writing class,...

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Preamble to #ThrowbackThursday
This is the first of two posts responding to an online course graciously taught by the inimitable Dave Levin through Coursera. It has been a good experience and has served to both refresh some of what I knew and push some of what I thought I knew. In this p...

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Teacher development at Elm City Middle
At Elm City College Prep Middle School, as at most Achievement First schools, we spend a lot of time thinking about teacher development. As I've written before, I believe teacher development should be a school's first priority, not because we should care mo...
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