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Providing perspective, knowledge, comfort & fuel for Your Great Voyage
Providing perspective, knowledge, comfort & fuel for Your Great Voyage


Are you Real?

After many years of having this community on Google+ ... and seeing the number of members range from 6,000 to nearly 8,000 I am wondering a couple things.

1. How many are acctually using this system?
2. How many are business owners, like myself, and how many are just looking to serve Business Owners?

If you see yourself as an Artist, Entrepenuer, Investor or Owner ... please go to this link, it'll open FB Messenger & answer one question with the bot:

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Are you blasting content out to every network?

Here is an interview with two great business owners, by a third great business owner. I personally know all three. Like there is a moment in the middle where one shares something & I'm one of the people who did not learn about it here.

The reason I am sharing this here is not because they are friend of mine ... it's because of how Allen talks about the stratigy of sharing the content that they were promoting.

He does it right & because he does it right it is much more effective.

The section starts about 37 minutes into it ... they were doing a campaign to validate a new product & created content to gain email addresses. What +Allen Brouwer IV says is great.

Again ... this is why we ban and delete people who simply spam G+ Communities.

Do you own or know the owner of an HV/AC company that has roughly 60 technicians?

A partner of mine and I are looking to talk to some owners and see what might help them acquire new customers & improve the relationship they have with existing.

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Tough Mudder is one of the best known (and best run) Obstacle Course Race series ... they are doing their first 5k (normally they do longer distances) and is starting outside the Titan's stadium and either running through downtown (as Color Runs, and other 5k's do) or around and in the Stadium.

Either way ... this is just one more event where people will be coming to our wonderful city & if you know people who have done 5k's and want something different, well ... this has more obstacles.

Here is a guide they released about Nashville:

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Moving Forward?

What is a topic you want to learn about?

Would you like content collected for you?


Who is the most important element of building your dream because it determines the direction you go and/or what level of success you achieve.

The question then is - who do you need to connect with to build your dream?

If clients, tell who and why you want to connect with them.
If vendors or employees, tell what skills you desire, or problems you want solved.

I've been thinking about this group & am about ready to make some changes for it to be more valuable to the Entrepreneurs, Investors, Owners & Artists that it's intended to support.

Which word is more appealing to you in a business name?


What was the last Challenging objective you took on?

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*A challenge for you.*

It's simple.

Watch this 3 minute video 2+ times per day

This could be from +Ally Nation or +Active Guild or any of the other projects I am involved in right now ... but really, 3 minutes, at least 2 times per day for the next few days.

Let me know if you intend to, either in the comments or as a PM.

Are you in a mastermind?

If so, is it one you pay for?

If not, have you tried one before?
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