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Retirement rocks!
Retirement rocks!

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Ireland's Call
The energy is rising as the season of song and celebration begins. 

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Gail Poulin commented on a post on Blogger.
Excellent conversation and I am learning a lot! I am interested in seeing more applications for early educ. as well.
 @Laura Darnall, can you share links?

Gail Poulin commented on a post on Blogger.
Those of us in the broader educational world, know you and the passion you bring to every aspect of your work. You continue to enlighten us and help us to take long hard looks at our practice. This is a huge challenge for all of us but you have given us freshness in your daily reflections and sharing. I know I am a better educator because I get to read about the process you go through as you strive to ALWAYS teach children so very well.
I know that the passions that drive you will continue to surface. The bigger challenge may be in keeping them separate since you know your system is not as passionate about moving toward cutting edge ideas.
You are on the right track Maureen, and if anyone can bring both passions to the forefront, it's you.
Enjoy MassCUE. I hope to get there one of these years.

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Here's my credo blog post. It fits in nicely with another project I am working on with the #Kinderchat community.

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I wrote a brief post on my map making project created with Prezi.  Rolling along with the project now!

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I didn't see +Kevin Hodgson 's #learningwalk   when I set out on my own but after hours of weeding in the dripping humidity, it was nice to create a little #learningwalk of my yard with an emphasis on near and far perspectives. I also took another stab at Prezi for sharing.

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+Sue Stinson I came across a couple interesting sites that I want to share with you. The first is the Edutopia article by Suzie Boss featured below.
The second site linked out of her article and it provides examples of Expeditionary Learning which is right up your line of interest - STEAM learning.
I found a useful project that I can modify for Kindergarten use on a myriad of topics in science. They are all presented beautifully. 

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I really enjoy the work I am seeing here with all the hacking and making and mapping. In the past I have been pretty much following the lead of others and trying out the tools they have used. This has taken me down some interesting and challenging roads, mapping included.
Now I am thinking about what my map should be. I have a heavy load in the works and that is creating a science based curriculum with all other subjects integrated.  For me, my map should start with a broad overview of the landscape - Science in Kindergarten. But it should also have a street view and lots of links.
My map will show me options for learning time, tools, place, and strategies. It will show me what the integration of other subjects can look like. What is invaluable to me is the overarching ideas that are coming from the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards.) So not only will the planning map be a clear and organized overview but it will point me directly to the standards in science, literacy, and math that I will be integrating. We are expecting some new administration at our school and he/she may be looking for those standards.
Please allow for the early development phase of this planning. It's been floating around in my head and the new mapping adventure in #clmooc Cycle 3 fits right in with my current frame of mind.

I'm taking my #FF to Saturday as my Friday was fully booked. I like the idea of Week 2 "Find Five Friday." So I strolled back and look at my #clmooc feed from last week, what I interacted with, and why.

+Kevin Hodgson  of course has to top the list. He keeps us connected with each other and comments on a tremendous number of posts. That alone is worthy of recognition because when we notice what others are doing and provide encouragement, we have a tremendous impact on their confidence. All of the facilitators are doing a wonderful job in providing a supportive and flexible avenue for creation and reflection.
+Matt Gomez brought my attention to Vizify which turned out to be easy and yet complex in the options for project feed. It was enjoyed by many folks here as a fun little tool and I felt good about bringing it to the conversation here in the #clmooc.
Kevin and +TERRY ELLIOTT suggested a podcast as a way of introducing ourselves. I took their example and created a Jing video that gave my incoming parents a look at the blog where I share classroom life.
+Alanna Bright brought the idea of tag clouds to my attention. It was good to revisit Tagxedo and make a quick handprint cloud of my url. Another quick and easy make that doesn't require extensive tech skill.
I am already at number 5! I think I will share +Jeannie Bennett who shared Meme Generator. That was a cool site to check out. I created a modest make. The most interesting part is now I know where everyone was getting those things on FB.
What shall I try next?! There are so many interesting things being shared and I really want to be able to join in the fun makes.
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