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I'm agreeing with Paul here. Perhaps I've been spoilt by my Nexus 4, but I'm yet to find a phone I feel is comparable. 

I'd be happy to have paid 6P prices for a 5X sized phone with similar specs, but as it stands the 5X just seems poor value. It has disappointing specs for a disappointing price.

And I know specs don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. Smoothness, picture quality and battery life don't translate well into figures on paper, but when their larger-screen siblings are boasting their flashy high-end specs it's a little frustrating.

Perhaps I'm just frustrated because I had high hopes that my next phone would be another Nexus and I don't know who to turn to next. I'm yet to find anything that's piqued my interested in the past couple of years and I don't know how much longer my N4 will last. Maybe it's futile to hold out.
#nexus5x #rant #firstworldproblems  

I don't understand this notion that a 5" phone means "budget". If Google released the Nexus 5X with an all-aluminum body, higher resolution screen, 3GB RAM, a bigger battery, and Gorilla Glass 4 for $499, I would have bought it immediately. I suspect that many of the 6P buyers would have too.

I mean, honestly, who is the 5X marketed at? Seems like only Nexus-attached, 6-inch-phone-haters who will take what they can get. Read: me.

Seeing so many people say that the Nexus 5X is simply not a good value, and instead, opting for the base 6P. They're right. I actually considered this in the moment of truth, especially given the relatively-small $70 difference for the 32GB models, but in the end, I simply do not want a 6" phone.

I've never felt so conflicted over a device purchase. I really believe Google phoned-in the N5X, and in the process, sent a clear message that they no longer care about users like me. With Motorola losing touch, there is nobody left to turn to. It's a sad time to be a normal-sized-Nexus lover.
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BBC iPlayer currently has a fantastic documentary on the life of James Randi, a magician who has spent the last few decades casting a skeptical eye on the world of psychics and pseudoscience. 

Be warned though, you'll be up all night watching YouTube videos of him debunking claims and exposing charlatans.
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I've been really impressed with +Three UK so far - this is just the icing on the cake.

I was with Tesco Mobile until about 4 days ago. They use +O2 in the UK's network and they've generally been fantastic to deal with. Unfortunately O2's network sucks, particularly in York. I'd get good signal but practically zero data throughput in the city centre. This is a problem that O2 have recognised when I visited their shop and the live status checker on their website claims that there's a high service demand in York which may result in data service problems.

I just took a long walk around York on my new +Three UK sim, streaming from Google Music on high quality with not a single drop out. Now to hope that they're equally as good in Cambridge.
+Three UK are killing it as usual. :)
Heard rumours that this was about to happen, didn't think it would be within days. I was crossing my fingers for Spain coverage, but not quite there yet.

Still awesome news and leading the way ahead of everyone else in the industry, which is what keeps me as a loyal customer. Keep up the good work.
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JuiceSSH is giving away free pro licenses. All you have to do is sign up
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#IntelliJIDEA   #AndroidStudio   #androiddev  
(I posted this in the Android Developers Tools community already, but I wanted to post it here too, on my wall, so I can happily ping +Kirill Grouchnikov.) Have you seen "postfix code completion" in the latest IDEA EAP? As you may have guessed, the next version of Android Studio (0.5.0) will include this feature as well!
For more details about this pretty cool and useful feature please read this post from JetBrains:
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Like many coders, I use StackOverflow more days than not. Yet even as a general fan of gamification, I've never ever contributed for many of the reasons this author raises.

I'm glad not everyone shares this view though. StackOverflow would be a difficult tool to replace.

Via +reddit
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CorsixTH 0.30 is out!

You can download it right now from its brand new home on GitHub.

The changes can be found on the release page, or a full list of (technical) changes can be seen here:

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I don't want to be that guy but occasionally I feel the need to prod Google and remind them that there's a world outside the US.

The default behaviour in the new Hangouts app is to automatically send group messages as MMS messages. This makes sense if you're in a country where MMS is included in your phone plan however in the UK, many - if not all - of the major carriers charge for MMS messages. This can be up to ~20 or 30 pence per message per recipient!

I understand why this is default behaviour. Group messaging is only really truly achievable with MMS. SMS is designed for a single recipient so you lose the ability to see who else the message has been sent to and reply to the group. It's really such a better experience than group SMS - but it's not worth £1 just to send a message to 5 of your friends.

In an ideal world, MMS would be included in phone plans in the UK and everyone would be happy. Until it is, if you don't want to pay through the nose to send a group message, the first thing you'll have to do on your brand new shiny Nexus 5 is install a 3rd party SMS application. Great UX Google!

+Dori Storbeck 
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Going to sound like a true fanboy here, but this is why I really like Google+.

+Evernote CEO +Phil Libin on camera giving a presentation about product development and how he values his employees' opinions. He rightly gets called out on it by +Chris Lacy, but he takes the opportunity to respond and clarify in the comments.

The video is no longer available, but I'd strongly recommend that you read the comments on the original post.

"Ah, the Internet. The best cure for an enlarged ego."
Here is a fine example of a person/company I would never, ever work for. 

Some gems Evernote CEO Phil Libin imparts during this talk include (starting around the ~10:20 mark):

"This is the only time during the quarter where we welcome or solicit or even allow random ideas from employees about what we should be building. This is heavily discouraged during any other time, because we have a lot of brilliant people, and if you set a culture where everyone is free to speak their mind, they do a lot of speaking their mind and not a whole lot of building stuff."

"Stupid ideas are actively mocked. People say there's no such thing as a bad idea but there are, and people that have them waste everyone else's time and they deserve to be ... corrected."

"This is a fairly ruthless process, where if you say something stupid, I will laugh at you, and point out that it's stupid."

"Don't suggest anything unless you yourself honestly believe that what you're suggesting is something that we as a company ought to work on in the next 3-6 months."

"Don't suggest something that you really don't think is an idea but you're just throwing it out there for discussion."
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GOG's got another sale on Theme Hospital. This time it's $2.99, or about £1.90.

Good time to pick it up if you haven't already!
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