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We don't do flu shots.  Instead, we rely on rest, good food, good hygiene, and avoiding exposure.
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Same here. 

And I aggressively encourage my friends to avoid it. 
All of the people I know who became sick with flu this year got the flu shot.  Every single one of them.  It's ineffective, and its benefits are grossly overstated.  
I have to be the contrarian on this topic --  I have spent the last 25 years on the frontlines with the Flu as an ER Nurse.  I've been vaccinated every year and I have not had the Flu despite taking care of hundreds of Flu patients.   And as to who becomes sick with flu after receiving injections: Is that based on Lab tests or anecdotal reports?  I ask because there are Viral infections that make you sick that aren't the Flu.  The term has been so generally misused over the years that it requires careful definition.   I understand there may be rare individuals for whom the Flu or other vaccinations are not advisable but for the great bulk of folks, I think a Flu shot is a GREAT choice.  Just my 2 cents.....
+Jan Allison you have a very valid point about the "flu" becoming a catch all phrase for any kind of wintertime sickness.

Still ain't getting it. Lol.b
Some people will get the flu after minimal exposure. Some won't get it after repeated exposure. More (MUCH more) important than germs or vaccines is your immune system. The finest quality seed won't grow in infertile soil!
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