Good morning, and welcome to the New Year of The Resistance.

At exactly 22:57 HST, on the 31st of December, 2013: a Megafield, the likes of which have never before been seen, was created by The Resistance. This field spanned across the Northern Pacific Ocean between Hawaii, Alaska, and California, encompassing a staggering 5,720,986 km^2; the largest Field to date, and the first Field ever created wherein a VRLA was utilized to form a link between each Anchor, proving, once and for all, the viability and stability of all future VRLA Megafields; certain to be reemphasized, improved, and capitalized upon, in upcoming operations. This was merely the First of M(e)any.

Thanks are in order.

The GateKeepers - +mark dobson  (ogdobber), +Kris Murray (mrowwy), +Mike McCabe  (Unclebeldin)

The Pacific BAF Team Coordinators - +Shani Hiraoka  (kei22), +Lisa Borel  (codexx)

The Arms Dealers +Sarah Rosen  (Silencieux),  +Prince Llama (PrinceLlama), +Janelle Oshiro  (Kanalani), (PandaTactical)

The Mathematician - +Nihal Mirpuri  (nylonee)

Additional thanks and recognition are due for his exceptional efforts, unmatched ability, tireless dedication, and personal sacrifice, to:
+mark dobson  (ogdobber). You did this. You convinced me it was possible. You twisted my arm.

For the Resistance,

Agent Meany

+Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose

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