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Fatemah Farag on NYT's "history making issue" and the dilemma of the foreign correspondent

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Pro-Palestinian demonstration in Cairo brings back old memories but signals new reality
(Wrote this for the
Daily Star, Beirut, way back in 2002, sadly the Egyptian people’s emergent sense
of identification with Palestinians at the outset of the second Intifada, which
I note at the end of the piece, proved extremely short-lived) Hani Shukralla...

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رسالة إلى أسقف نجران
من ديوان: يوميات العشق والهوان وطيور البحر شعر إبراهيم شكرالله  فبراير 81 من ميمون بن لوقا الرهاوي المولود في قنسرين إلى سيده ومولاه كلي البركات مثلث الرحمات أسقف نجران العبد الفقير يقبل قدميك ويتمسح بجلال ردائك الكهنوتي ويقول: يا صخرة الكنيسة وحامل تاج الم...

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انطونيو محتضرا شعر ابراهيم شكرالله
من ديوان أبي:  مواقف العشق والهوان وطيور
البحر إبراهيم شكرالله انطونيو محتضرا القاهرة: ابريل 1981 I am dying
Egypt, dying only I here
importune Death awhile, until Of many
thousand kisses the poorest last I lay upon
your lips. شكسبير: انطونيو وكليوباطرا في ...

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Into the heart of darkness
  My take on 2004, "The Year of the Beast" Al-Ahram Weekly , 30 December, 2004     Hani Shukrallah reflects on a year when the clash of civilisations seemed a
self-fulfilling prophecy     It was little more than 19th century racist
drivel dressed up in late...

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‘Tooning out humanity
My 2006 take on Danish cartoons brawl   Triggered by cartoons, the latest round in the bogus
"clash of civilizations" reduces complex cultures to empty
caricatures. Hani Shukrallah, , Tuesday, Feb 14, 2006      We might well laugh at the absurdity...

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  Cairo: the city vanquished? The Muslim Brotherhood and the
ruralisation of Egypt The Egyptian Revolution signified a triumph of the urban;
even while the counter-revolution looks to the undefeatable rural for
provisions Hani Shukrallah , Monday 31 Dec 201...

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on conspiracy theory, the Arab and… The American Mind Hani Shukrallah, The Daily Star
Egypt & Counterpunch , 26 Sept, 2006   This is in Denver. Colorado, USA - and it's "the Arab mind" that's supposed to be enamored of conspiracy theories   Where wou...
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