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Birding around the world, between meetings
Birding around the world, between meetings

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Spring Part 4 - the Cotswolds
My parents' place in Ascott-under-Wychwood, in the Cotswolds outside Oxford, sits on the edge of British agricultural land that might have come from central casting. A large field behind carries  sprawling crops of rape, wheat or, occasionally, peas from ye...

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Spring 3 - the Belgian coast and the Dutch delta
It's funny what can get you back on a horse after you've fallen off, metaphorically speaking. I haven't written a blog post since April, and it's not for a lack of material. Quite apart from the trip described below, I've had a sensational Spring break in H...

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Spring Part 2 - Montenegro
In the past  I have been a bore on the subject of the Spring migration in
Montenegro, and the following will be no exception. The visit from which I
returned at the end of last week did not measure up to the vintage April of
2012, and I’ll go into a couple ...

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Spring Part 1 - USA
For two years running I’ve been lucky in numerous ways. With
respect to birding, the luck I’m referring to on this occasion is with travel,
and specifically with Spring work visits to the US. Last year I was, arguably, luckier than this, with a visit
that t...

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Helsinki - birdsong in the bogs
A very short post which I’m writing in Helsinki Airport. Here, birdsong is played as background noise in the lavatories. What a
wonderful innovation, and good for testing your knowledge, too. I did pooly, it
must be said, recognizing only a Robin ( Erithacu...

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The Kenyan Coast - Watamu and Malindi
I am only a recent convert to the joys of guided birding. There was a time when I regarded this as cheating. Part of the point of birding, surely, is to both find and puzzle out the identification of a bird oneself? Compared to these, the collection per se ...

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Nairobi National Park
The British political scientist and historian Timothy Garton Ash once memorably described all British foreign policy since 1945 as "footnotes to Churchill". For me, all my birding in East Africa has been footnotes to Nairobi National Park. A Long-crested Ea...

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South Sudan
When I first started working on the part of Africa I now cover, I began searching for Blogs that would aid me when I had a chance for birding between meetings in the region. One that I've mentioned before was Tom Jenner's Birding Sudan , now sadly defunct a...

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Towards the end of last year I paid a visit to Eritrea. Almost everything about this trip was unexpected, starting with the fact that it happened at all. Visas for Eritrea aren't exactly two-a-penny, and even if you get one you then need additional permissi...

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