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Helen Richardson-Walsh
England and Great Britain hockey player
England and Great Britain hockey player

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The one I didn't want to write...
So here it is, the blog I didn’t want to
have to write. Forgive me for taking so long to post this
one. Since finding out I wouldn’t be at this year’s World Cup, confirming I can
no longer realise my dream of becoming a World Champion, I feel like I’ve expe...

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Back On The Pitch
It took me a
while to get to sleep last night. I was getting a bit excited about being
allowed to warm up with the team playing Canada today! Now for those
of you who know me you'll know my feelings on warm ups! I really believe that what
you do in your min...

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Keep My Head Up; Keep My Heart Strong
Whenever I go
on twitter I will often see one of the FIH’s (International Hockey Federation)
tweets counting down the days to the World Cup. The excitement for the
tournament is building, but in all honesty whenever I catch a glimpse of it I
get a sickening...

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Back On The Track
I hate watching
hockey! Well, let me clarify that: I hate sitting on the sideline when I should
be out on the pitch playing. The Investec League Play-offs have just finished
and having to miss out for the second year running was just painful. These are
the ...

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Putting My Back Into It
It hurts to sit on the toilet and I get the
shakes when my foot’s on the clutch: This week has been an absolute killer and
it comes to something when my favourite time of the day is sitting in an ice
bath! I’ve pretty much been non-stop all week and the DOM...

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Breathing Myself Back To Life
If I’ve got any chance of making the World
Cup squad I can’t just let the recovery happen, I’ve got to make it happen.
From day one I naturally began thinking about, and exploring ways in which I
could speed the process up whilst remaining safe and not rush...

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