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Natural aquariums and sustainable life
My personal website for natural aquariums and philosophy
My personal website for natural aquariums and philosophy

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This aquarium receives almost no maintenance at all except for feeding and replenishing water that is lost to evaporation.

I do occasional water exchanges depending on my mood, maybe once a month or less, with two buckets of water which makes less than the 10% of total volume.

A simple air pump-driven sponge filter aerates the tank. There is no heater; the temperature varies between 18 and 24 C depending on the day-time and season (64-75 F).

As you see in the picture, an ordinary fluorescent lamp with a pair of daylight tubes hangs on the top of the aquarium. This tank also receives some amount of natural sunlight from the window.

I use definitely no fertilizers and water-conditioners. With entangled aquarium equipments and books it is quite a mess in this corner. A thick layer of dust is accumulated on the lamp since years, a massive book is placed on the lamp to stop the buzzing sound. Everything looks shabby here!

A pitiful picture of neglect...

But somehow, the aquarium is very healthy! Two fish species, bushymouth catfish (Ancistrus dolichopterus) and Endler guppies (Poecilia reticulata), and dwarf shrimps (Neocaridina sp.) are living quite happily in this tank. They look all healthy and produce regularly offspring.

It is not possible to measure the nitrate level with ordinary test kits; almost zero.

How is this possible?

The secret key to this lazy success is the climbing plants that purify water much better than any ultra-modern and high-tech filter:

Epipremnum pinnatum (syn. Scindapsus aureus, on the left) ve Ficus pumila (on the right). Moreover, they don’t cost me any money or tedious maintenance work.

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With Green Accounting practices which also takes social and environmental assets into account (in addition to neoclassical monetary production) for measuring economic growth, Indian Government aims sustainable development for India's huge population.

PM Releases Green National Accounts India Framework Report

Prime Minister Releases Green National Accounts in India a Framework - Report of the Expert Group

Green National Accounts in India - A Framework (downloadable pdf file)
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New pictures from "biotope in my study" (flickr albume)
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Join the discussion @ Wilmott forums: GDP versus well-being

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My low-tech aquarium in our dining room. See the whole album with 12 pictures at

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My new blog: Why I left the Swiss CFA Society

Why I left the CFA Institue and Society: Until October 2012 I was a regular member of the Swiss CFA Society. After reading an article about Indonesia (booming economy!!!) in a CFA magazine I definitely decided to resign from the society. I won't use the CFA designation any more.

I will write an article about the reasons, which can be summarized shortly as follows:

Irresponsible attitude of the CFA institute and its community for social and environmental concerns in global investment practices with a deliberate "don't know-don't question-don't care policy".

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