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Chris Brogan
Working with professionals to do the work they want, craft a clear vision, a plan of action, and build a network of support.
Working with professionals to do the work they want, craft a clear vision, a plan of action, and build a network of support.

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This came out pretty cool! 
7 Essential Conference Tips From  +Chris Brogan
When attending a conference there are 7 essential things you should keep in mind to get the maximum return on your conference experience.

Thanks to +Dustin W. Stout for the excellent insight in the Hangout on Sunday, as well as the blog post linked below!

Who on Google+ is headed to the upcoming Social Media Marketing World March 26-28 in (hopefully) sunny San Diego? If you didn't know, +Christine DeGraff and +Dustin W. Stout have been instrumental in getting together a HIRL for Google+ fanatics! Be sure to connect with her and other travelers before the conference.

Join our community (over 125,000 and growing) or watch the latest +Social Media Hangout at or the latest episode on +YouTube: Conferences, Communities, and Social Networks at large: Social Media Hangout #3

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I ordered mine today. : ) 

So you know this is just a kind of "stub" G+ account, right? I'm VERY active over on +Chris Brogan 

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Stan Lee plays himself in the upcoming "The Amazing Spider-Man" video game

THere are some cute one-liners in here, too. 

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So, this is the second go at trying to make Judge Dredd seem cool in live action. I'm not sold. Some are. You? 

How Can I Help?

If I were going to write a very actionable ebook (or course, or whatever) on something that you wanted to learn that you felt would be useful to you or your business, what would it be about?

What topics would you want me to cover?

Just curious as to your take.

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Join +Chris Brogan +Christopher Penn & +Joe Sorge for episode #63 of Kitchen Table Talks on The Pulse Network LIVE at 2pm ET today and discuss:

- Innovation Fuel
- KTC of the Week: w/ Christopher S. Penn
- BizFilings Question of the Week - Where is the best place to look for inspiration from other small businesses?

Join us LIVE at 2pm ET -->>

The Ecosystem

Thinking through the whole digital marketing and business ecosystem. I keep missing parts.

listening tools
ecommerce (incl. payment mgmt & mobile payments)
content management
video (maybe audio, too)
online events (webinars, etc)
outposts (twitter, G+, FB, plus white label social)
mobile renderings and/or apps
scrm (but not the way people are talking about it)
distribution/file mgmt tech
(not part of the above, but part of the even larger story):
online advertising
pay per click
affiliate marketing

What else?
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