WHEN EINSTEIN MET TAGORE: An attempt to explain Truth and Beauty at the intersection of Science and Spirituality. It was July 14, 1930 when Einstein met Rabindranath Tagore- poet, polymath and first non-European to win the Nobel for Literature (for Gitanjali).

Regardless of your philosophy, religion or lack thereof, the following conversation will blow your mind. Excerpt:

EINSTEIN: Truth, then, or Beauty is not independent of Man?
EINSTEIN: If there would be no human beings any more, the Apollo of Belvedere would no longer be beautiful.
EINSTEIN: I agree with regard to this conception of Beauty, but not with regard to Truth.
TAGORE: Why not? Truth is realized through man.

Read more here: http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2012/04/27/when-einstein-met-tagore/

The conversation goes from the tangibility of a table to Pythagorean geometry, concluding with:

EINSTEIN: Then I am more religious than you are!
TAGORE: My religion is in the reconciliation of the Super-personal Man, the universal human spirit, in my own individual being.

Many Thanks to +Pravin Bhojwani for the original share!
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