Friends, we need your help!

Many of you know +Konstantin Lamanov —well known on Google+ in his own right and the creator of a popular series of G+ pages.

Konstantin’s mother, Tatyana Makovoz, is seriously ill with cancer in Ukraine, and the family has exhausted its financial resources in helping her. That’s where we come in—and we’re hoping you’ll join us in contributing to raise funds. Between us, we have tens of thousands in our circles. It shouldn’t be too hard to reach our goal of $10,000. Please share this post and donate —no amount is too small to help.

To contribute:

From the G+ Pages Team:
+Rajini Rao +Margie D Casados +Rich Pollett +Annette Marin +Adarsh vijay +Rahul Roy +Alex Anderson +Milad Farjadian +Alexander Panov +Sergei Agarkoff +Andrew Obrazcov +Светлана Свет +Peter Lindelauf
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