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Ryan A
Just a slice of perfection with a side of humble pie....
Just a slice of perfection with a side of humble pie....

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unlike Facebook, the #newgoogleplus made useful changes.

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Doin work!

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going full fledged geek tonight!
Now I just need to find out what this skyrim is all about

got to take my dad on a road trip to pick up his new toys...couple of Arctic Cats to play with in the snow we now have.

has never been more ready for a New Year...this one's going down in the record books as a top 3, I can feel it already!

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Found this in the "What's hot" section...for this reason alone I like Google+ better
Happy New Year

I am about to head out the door and I will be working through the New year so this is my only chance to wish you all a happy and wonderful New year.

I'll leave you with this video, even though I often get down in regards to what we can do to each other as a race I also love the fact that when we push ourselves we are capable of so much, keep pushing and enjoy life.
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