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Tim Morrissey
Curmudgeonly and cranky (for no good reason).
Curmudgeonly and cranky (for no good reason).
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One Nation, Divisible By Fake News
This “fake news” thing is like an aging hi-yield nuclear
weapon.  It’s dangerous and unstable. And
it’s not a play-toy, though some practitioners of fake news, according to
multiple reports, just create fake news for the hell of it. Some are highly
paid spi...

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Is A Political Earthquake Coming?
Ask the scientists at the CalTech Seismological Laboratory
how tricky it is to try and predict an earthquake. It’s a very, very difficult
task. So many variables. So many unknowns. But I spoke with a longtime
acquaintance yesterday in the course of doing th...

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I Am An "Enemy Of The People", I Guess....
I didn’t get anywhere near as worked up as a lot of my media
friends did over the weekend, when our new President called the media “the
enemy of the people” Friday afternoon. If you scroll through the list of my 658
Facebook friends, probably half or more a...

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Concrete Clete And Don The Bridge - Spinning In Their Graves
Doing some research for a story for my part-time job with
Public News Service, I ran across several reliable reports indicating that at least half
of Wisconsin’s roads are substandard. Not that you could tell from the concrete
and steel extravaganzas like t...

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Another Nail In The Coffin Of Radio News
When I moved from Los Angeles to Madison in 1988, the group
of radio stations I worked for, and bought an ownership stake in, had an
8-person news gathering operation. So did two other Madison radio companies.
And Wisconsin Public Radio had a large and acti...

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Where Have Ye Gone, Tommy?
The first thing I heard when I flipped on the car radio this
morning was Tommy Thompson, speaking/yelling in Waukesha last night, telling
the crowd that it was time for everybody to get on the Trump Train. A little bit of me died when I heard that audio cli...

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The Sad Tale Of Brendan Dassey
First of all, I don’t know if Steven Avery killed Teresa
Halbach. I’m not sure we ever will know who brutally took her life in 2005. I’m
not one of those who immediately jumped on the “Avery is Innocent” bandwagon
after watching the entire Netflix Docudrama...

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A Good Gig, Producing Good Radio
A friend of mine, Jennifer, sent me a note the other day,
proud that her son, who started his radio career in Waupaca, had just taken a
new job with a radio station in Fond du Lac. The fellow her son replaced in
Fond du Lac had been with that station for mo...

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A Day At The Ball Park
First of all, there are a lot of people who should stay
home. Just not go to the game. Why pay a hundred bucks (or more) for a great
seat behind home plate and then bitch about everything from the heat and
humidity to the pace of the game? More on that late...

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Everything But A Lake
Every June for the past five years I’ve made the 325-mile
trip from The Morrissey Compound in Madison to my friend Tom Plummer’s house in
Lake City, Iowa. It’s a place similar to Hortonville, the small Wisconsin
village where I grew up. I chuckle every time...
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