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Foot Reflexology. massage the part of your foot that corresponds to the part of your body that hurts and it will slowly reduce and eventually get rid of pain. Helps promote blood circulation to that particular part of the body! Interesting.
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Jesse H
Amazing how all of this is tied in directly of our body
Take care youself from well done state the vigour to body.
Woow! U learn something new everyday
....or you could just save yourself the trouble and rub the whole damn thing.
Interesting I must try this. But what about when foot hurts? 
you are right. I try these in past
A 2009 systematic review of randomised controlled trials concludes that
"The best evidence available to date does not demonstrate convincingly that reflexology is an effective treatment for any medical condition."

For those of you who subscribe to this, I have a bridge for sale with great returns!
That's not how it works. Ain't nobody got time for this BS.
If a man does not have legs, is he dead? This is crazy!  
Couldn't say it better than Darryl. Did anyone bother to check if it was true or just eat the shit they were given?
Pancreas looks like a wad of chewing gum
Sadly there is no evidence in any study done so far that foot reflexology does anything at all beyond placebo. It sits there alongside homeopathy and energy crystals I'm sorry guys. I'm sticking to therapies that are shown to actually work.
Foot Reflexology huh? Sounds ridiculous. I'll stick to the proven therapies.. Like Magnet Therapy ;) 
fuzzy wuzzy woo woo type shite - like smelly crystals and aroma-whatever hocus pocus, hebe gee bee you do voodoo, stand up kneel down bend over  sort of thing.  Usually supported by middle class (and I wont be gender specific) individuals who read a book or get a useless certificate from some self appointed institute ....other than that mooooooo
Aha! Now I understand why walking is so good for you :-)
Don't worry guys... You won't loose a toe on this... Just for relief... If it really works... If not... Then it would be just psychological. Thinking you're a bit relieved helps...
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+malhabour bong
Yeah, the colon and the bladder feature prominently on the picture, so it may help you be relieved, I guess...
Its true n the picture is wrong ,because im an expert in this thearapy, the woner is kidney stone nd gal stone will b cured with in ten minutes of therapy,nd even spondylitis.n spinal dis lactation is simple matter of recovery instantly.alsa its very easy to digonise the whole body
Always amazed by the amount of gullible people in the world. 
BODY ANATOMY, the intricacy of human body.
This is complete and utter rubbish and you should all feel ashamed for allowing it to reach the "what's hot" feed.
+Alexander Black Yeah mate: Ernst E (2009). "Is reflexology an effective intervention? A systematic review of randomised controlled trials". Med J Aust 191 (5): 263–6.
I don't have a bladder in my foot?! Or do I? . . .
this  all  lies  inside  the  body  not  under  foot
Really,,,can these really worth to believe?
I mean is this effective for relieving stress?
Just asking.
i have a lot of health problams an i found when i had it done it made them worse ,i found Reki was better i trained as a master Reki and im so much better. try it ,it dosnt hurt .good luck an hope you get better JJ x
I swear by foot reflexology. I was told by a therapist in thai I had stomache probs. She pointed to my stomache and said ahhh pain. I don't know thai but I knew what she meant by ahh pain. I swear to God she was right. Shortly after I was diagnosed with pcos by my Gyno. 
I ealk bare-footed inside my house errday, bullshit!
Amazing so you can jack off by rubbing you're feet explains why women love it ;)
Thanks Dayo ,i was so fed up,an i read your message ,you made me laugh so much ,must b cos im essex bird ha ha 
wow! Very thankful to post this! Veri informative!
not to bother anyone outside "conventional medicine", but science is about evidence not personal belief. If it isnt so much trouble, i would like some peer reviewed research that actually validated if or any aspect of reflexology, thank you.
Siso Dd
+Danny Barker just because something was around for a long time does not in any way mean that it is correct. Reflexology is total crap. There is nothing even close to evidence that it works. And plenty of evidence to the contrary. 
You still have to be carefull,if u have any kidney ,liver ,or low immune system or ME problams dont have it done ,Reflexology will release all the toxins that build up in the body ,the kidneys an liver cannot cope with the overload .I was a teacher in this subject .please take care an ask lots of questions to make sure they have done the training. 
Ant M
Works 4 me
Heard about this. Does it really works? Let me Tryon. 
Excellent now let's provide some extensive peer reviewed evidence to go along with this pretty picture ........
Im pleased it worked for you. Ant M. J J x
The chronology is just like the original anatomy.
hahahahaha, what fantastic garbage.  So where's the bit of my foot I need to massage to stop the pain of being kicked in the nuts!
What part of the foot do you rub for masterbation and how hard lol
are u a science student ?adly there is no evidence in any study done so far that foot reflexology does anything at all beyond placebo. It sits there alongside homeopathy and energy crystals I'm sorry guys. I'm sticking to therapies that are shown to actually work.
I've been stabbed in the heart by a nail before.
Just a way to sell foot massages at the mall.
And in case you end up pressing your foot sore, take both the foot and the ailing part of your body to a Doctor!
The only way this helps is as a form of meditation/placebo. Rubbing your feet doesn't affect anything vut your feet.
have a headache , doesn't show you help on that one.
Thanks for the information
I do believe in Foot Reflexology. However, I have never leaned about this. I will try it.
WoW! This is awesome
foot Reflexology have more than 5000 years in Chinese's history. . it for healthcare. . can make us release presure 
WoW! This is awesome
+Danny Barker thank you for the article, and i appreciate your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the article you gave me is rather a summary of journal entries, and results of which has been taken out of context to support the authors opinion. If i may clarify more specifically, your article quotes "Perhaps the most beneficial results have been in the area of cancer palliation (Ernst, Posadzki, & Lee, 2010)". This is the actual statement from the research article it supposedly refers to: " Collectively, the existing evidence does not convincingly show that reflexology is effective for breast cancer care". The moral here being, you must always verify your data or sources of such data in order to be considered a scientific approach. However please feel free to further investigate this topic, and i always welcome open minded discussions as long as you can back it up :) let me know if you have anything more to share. thanks.
D Ellis
Fyre knowledge, right here!! Will be sure to use this to my advantage...
I believe that kind of extremily helpful resource because that work very honesty & slowly to our body person have many receptor as pain receptor they act on specific cell to promote that neuroendocrinal activity which help to regulate our homiostasis

Just took off my shoes at work and tried this I think it works...Even better because I think the guy in the next cubicle is suffocating. Must tell him to try this also.
This is a foot with some very strange ideas.  I wouldn't let it go out walking by itself!
+Danny Barker What you are basically arguing is that reflexology is based on faith. It is well known that feeling of being treated often helps i.e. placebo effect. There are also lot of testimonies of all kinds of things. That doesn't make them more true.

Scientific research is needed to counter human psychology and see if the actual treatment is having some effect. Note that I'm not claiming that the treatment might not have effect on some particular person. Just that effects of this treatment cannot be distinguished from placebo treatments.
I am going to try this on my husband.
Reflexology is a reasonable approach to take a healing hand to aclient who may not have the luxury of compassionate touch in their life. When used in combination with other western or eastern wisdom it can provide a key to what the body is experiencing. 
What an amazing diagram. Now all it needs is some evidence to back it up and I might believe it - and if you believe it without any evidence then perhaps you should question why.
Anu Sri, this is conformation that everything is the same, like reflexology, Auricular Acupuncture accesses the body via the ears.

Dont take wrong way .luv a joke.always j
At saka bakamagalit pa american gaya nung sa taiwan opps sory po

Sceptics are everywhere, the fear or lack of knowing and understanding makes people sceptical or fearful. This is original medication and the theories the sceptics are choosing is alternative medication. How long has acupuncture and reflexology been around, as opposed to the modern medicine that kills people every day and doctors bury their mistakes? I have no trust is modern medication, it is artificial and poison. It can only treat the symptoms and not the cause like original medicine does…I have not seen any record of a reflexologist or acupuncturist been sued for malpractice, I see every day how modern medicine doctors are prosecuted for murder and malpractice. I have had no comebacks treating any person that came to me for treatment, only very grateful people that don’t have to take any modern medication/poison anymore…
where is it from this reflexology method?? cause if u change country in asia you will notice that in different countries they change different organs for different areas on feet :D :D :D so, all this is big bullshit, just make the massage itself for pleasure but dont think too much about the organs on body when done...
and a hurt ankle means you got a pain in the neck
I wondered what happend when my head hurt and then when I rubbed my foot it got better...
For all you sceptics. .this is an ALTERNATIVE FORM OF TREATMENT. .obviously if you have a serious problem you go to your gp. ..
+Castro Carlos To some, Reflexology may sound like a new age treatment; however, it's quite the opposite.  Some of the first treatments were documented in ancient Egypt dating back to 2300 b.c. and the practice traveled throughout the ancient world and further documentation was found in Japan dating to 690 a.d.  As a result, the roots of this practice have run through many cultures and through several ages.
As for what is practiced today, the roots for our modern forms began in the early 20th century with the work of Dr. William Fitzgerald and his discovery of Zone Therapy.  He mapped out 10 zones in the human body that ran from each toe up towards the head.  He theorized that any abnormalities in a zone could affect other parts along that same zone.  For example, kidney issues could contribute to issues with the eyes as they lie within the  same zone. While developing his theory, Dr. Fitzgerald began work with Eunice Ingham.  Through their collaboration, Eunice Ingham developed a map of the reflex points on the feet and gave birth to the Reflexology we experience today.  As a result of her extensive work and research, Eunice Ingham is considered to be the mother of modern reflexology.

Dr. Edgar Adrian proved that electrical intensty of the nerve impulse depends on the size of the nerve rather than the strength of the stimulus. Therefore, applying consistent, light to moderate pressure is most effective and generally used during a treatment. mother has Parkinsons disease
When she can't walk she asks for foot reflexology and after 30 mins session she is able to speed walk home. Yet more proof its true. Non believers will always be untill they get in touch with their inner selves. 
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v.v.good information.Thank you
v.v.good information.Thank you
I appreciate the picture of whole body in the FOOT . fine .
hmmm couldn't hurt to try, anyone try this and have it actually work for them??
Saji T
very useful!Thank u,the same regions have in the hands also which is more effective!
Wow I really need to find my pancreas help
Very Nice Update for ur information 
I went to collage for reflexology and passed with flying colours. It really does relax the full body. The only thing is ye cant do this on any1 with heart problems
I guess I'm out then. :-)
For all of you who are sceptical, there is nothing said about healing using this method, it says it only helps to take off the pain. Pay attention when you read. Nice tip Anu!
I'm not skeptical. But it says not for people with heart problems. That would be me.
Thanks for sharing anu sri...better go for foot massage reflexology.
Good, very useful post it is.
biologists all over are facepalming now
So does that mean the reason why some people have stinky feet is because they have stinky organs? Lol
Thanks for sharing
A.... But I still have question that where is the head
Misinformation and complete flim flam.  Think about it people...
Thanks for giving nice advise
gnau c
Very interesting!
Absolute nonsense. I find it disturbing how many people actually fall for this type of quackery. Next time you see your doctor, be sure to tell him/her of your exciting new medical discovery.  If you are having real pain or circulatory issues, than you require a medical diagnosis, not a foot massage. 
i am very happy for those who felt it helps them, and i am sorry for those who feel modern medicine is artificial or doctors are killers. However i must still strongly emphasize that any serious illness must ALWAYS be consulted with a qualified physician, you can try out anything else you want as long as your doctor verifies it doesnt harm you further, but it is very irresponsible to suggest these as an alternative to certified medical treatment (according to certain posts i have read here). Everybody has a right to their personal opinion, that is a basic human right, however please do not confuse that with science without which we wouldn't be even talking about this in google plus over the internet. You have a right to do what makes you happy, be it reflexology, exercise, a casual walk in early morning or even a pet. But it is dangerous to not get the proper consultation for ones personal belief. :)
+Mark Schierbecker I think Penn and Teller covered this in their first season of Bullshit! I also find it alarming that yours was the first post that didn't follow the troll.
+Cameron Brown it totally works. I once stepped on a pair of nails, and simultaniously my heart ruptured and my diaphragm punctured. But the pain in my shoulder went away (or maybe I just stopped noticing it).
I don't mind a good foot rub but +Gary Beilby is correct. If I have a real illness or am in pain I will be calling my doctor.
Hehe, love this comment "The treatments work on the same principle as Accupuncture". That's definitely accurate. They're both absolute boloney. I always wonder why people feel the need to believe in these "therapies" that have been proven not to work (or in some cases not proven to work). There's so much work going into really curing people with real therapies. Support those people doing the great work instead of wasting your money to this nonsense.

To quote the great Tim Minchin: You know what they call alternative medicine that has been proven to work? Medicine.
Pete G
+Juhani Lehtimäki well said. But magical thinking is ingrained in our genetics. So the only way we can free ourselves is through education. 
Is this supported by any scientific finding or reaserch?
yes it's best first ait
wow, i didn't know this. thanks for sharing
Has anyone tried this and had success?
This stuff is true man.
One time I stubbed my toe and got a nose bleed..
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Only works when the Flying Spaghetti Monster touches your foot with his noodly appendage.
this is good, but what if it is really your toe or foot that hurts?
I'm liking this will try it out. Thanks
Sounds like more bull manure. And the idiots just +1 this sort of crap. What's badly needed is a healthy dose of skepticism 
It's not interesting at all, it's just bullshit aimed at making people give money to a so called reflexologist and get absolutely nothing in return except more bullshit. And that's a fact!
+Mark Schierbecker This has been around for centuries.  Your link is one of many thousands of links one can pull.  Anyone can write a Wiki page, including you or me.  Good research involves more than one source.   One could say the same thing about radiation therapy and chemotherapy for cancer patients.  Survival rate is pretty low for anyone who has a recurrence.  Does that make it any less valid a treatment?
Wow its a good information thank u friend....:-) .:-) ...:-) 
Been experimenting with these claims for many years. Used to believe in it after people would claim that "this feels in my stomach" etc when i tried it on them, but currently I`m pretty sure that what this "only" does is that if used enough pressure at specific points it hits your nerves and releases a wave of brains own painkillers and therefore eases the pain and makes one feel "high". That`s how t feels. A good way to relax, but no "reflexology" per se . Use a large marble on the floor and stand on it, moving the pressure on different parts of your leg. 
I hardly would call it an occult practice.  And what does Christianity have to do with it?  Only 31.5% of the worlds population are clearly not a majority point of view.
it is as difficult to understand as to mastering it and apply. otherwise all were healthy and Dr.s would be out of job and filthy poor. They only prescribe lots of medicines and advice less food. No one listens and make Dr.s rich monetarily.
absolutely no scientific proof that it is true. complete bullshit. yes a foot massage is wonderful though...
Sean G
I like to rub the parts... 
My shoes keep on rubbing my feet.
Thank you. Gonna try it now. Nothing else seems to work but with all I have going on not keeping hopes up. Hope it works and will let you know if it works :-). Praying for it to work. 
How do you minus one a post like this?
great information, thanks for sharing
"the anatomy of the extinct foot-people species"
Don't like feet think their horrible yuck!!
Dats a very good information.
Dats a very good information.
L. Shaf
The heart part of both of my feet has always been numb.  :(
lol stupidity all around. straight bullshit
i don't like feet...
wait i dont get lion shaf post.. does that mean you are cold hearted..
It's amazing the crap people believe in. ...not one ounce of data to back this up.
Yeah, I do this every time my parathyroids hurt. 
If anyone is actually using this, try rubbing the tips of your toes to improve your brain functionality. If after time you suddenly become aware that this is all mumbo-jumbo, congratulations, it's still mumbo-jumbo.
the only thing that may be semi right is the heart thing. i know the heart isn't your foot. that's just stupid. but the is a pulse there that leads up to your heart. just like in your neck and wrist.
I massaged the bladder area by mistake and peed my pants
It works just like phrenology....oh, wait, that doesn't work.....
Yeah, all in the mind, Kevin.  You rub my feet and I feel like everything is going to be okay.
tudo de bom ou de menho e poder viver  deus   o todo poderoso
People actually still believe this kind of bullcrap? I thought we were past the start of the middle ages.
All of you are fucking idiots
Just shows how ignorant you are about how amazing your body actually is. Your body is connected in many different ways. People may say its stupid or witchcraft but it actually works. I use to have really bad migraines constantly the ONLY thing that got rid on them is this. Not doctors and medication. I may be called an idiot but at least im not ignorant
Actually +Andrea Moreno I agree that the body is connected.  Getting a damn footrub and relaxing your muscles / destressing is probably what helped your migraines.  But to say that there are neurologic connections between those areas on your foot and your kidney, thyroid, liver, etc IS JUST IGNORANT.  Go through some evidence based, peer reviewed medical texts and get back to me.  Until then STFU with your psuedo-science BS.  
Great to know I love knowing things like this
Makes as much sense as a horse with a kickstand.
People also need to read a real damn book before believing every ridiculous graphic they see on the internet.  
Just shows how ignorant you are about how amazing your body actually is. Your body is connected in many different ways. People may say its stupid or witchcraft but it actually works. I use to have really bad migraines constantly the ONLY thing that got rid on them is this. Not doctors and medication. I may be called an idiot but at least im not ignorant
Well some of the medician doctors give us they tell us its been studyed and proven to cure and work thats not true for all medician I know I have a illness that I have been told many things work and none has worked so why make mean comments back to people when they tell us what they believe in, why not just believe what you want and let them believe what they want, we all are different
+jackie shelton Go find a legitimate medical source and post it unless you are just happy in your uneducated ignorance.  If you believe it, try to back it up with some evidence.  
joe louis its a good thing i have read up on this huh? How bout before you start going around calling things bs you should read upon it. Legally professional massage therapist nd cosmologists are not LEGALLY allowed to massage the feet or certain parts of the feet of a pregnant woman because it is connected to the body and can send them into labor. No matter how far along they are. Talk to any doctor and they will they'll you that your body is connected. Also basic high school teaches this "bs", physics, biology, look up any REAL anatomy book and it will show you this "bs" 
Beacause publicly displaying bullshit turns into people believing bullshit. People believing bullshit turns into people doing shtupid bullshit. Keep bullshit private if you don't want it critiqued. 
joe louis its a good thing i have read up on this huh? How bout before you start going around calling things bs you should read upon it. Legally professional massage therapist nd cosmologists are not LEGALLY allowed to massage the feet or certain parts of the feet of a pregnant woman because it is connected to the body and can send them into labor. No matter how far along they are. Talk to any doctor and they will they'll you that your body is connected. Also basic high school teaches this "bs", physics, biology, look up any REAL anatomy book and it will show you this "bs" 
+Andrea Moreno Interesting, since I AM a medical doctor and I've HAD those courses and this is well known rubbish.  You are spouting BS that you have no business or credentials to discuss.  Find and post some credible sources from established medical institutions, or shut your ignorant mouth.  
Besides even if i did find some"medical evidence" it doesnt mean that you'll believe me. How about instead of making people look it up for you, you go look it and stop being so close minded.
Because I've had these courses, and there is nothing in the nervous system that supports the crap.  It's simply not true, but junk that is made up and sold to simple minded fools.  You're the same type of person who believes the pictures of spices and foods that "cure cancer" and other nonsense.  
I always wonder how foot massage and palm massage make us more healthy. But I often cured my gf's headache by massaging her palm. Ancient wisdom 
k singh
What part represents y throat
It is a good health tip. What's about for depression relaxation.
Dave H
Are you allowed to vote?
you can also try to diagnose your body from your foot if any part is painful it means that the organ that reflect have some trouble...try it!!
David B
Great. Thanks for sharing.
Some do, some do not...Thats what is wonderful about....what we do believe....God Bless..hope you believe in God Bless. Cy Baldwin USA
Kickstandsam, here is something for you. Come look
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