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Learning, creating, laughing, sharing
Learning, creating, laughing, sharing

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In books, in education, in family life, a little nonsense now and then is certainly something to cherish! 

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Children’s Picture Books about Change
By Susan Stephenson, Change is a theme that comes up time and again at school, and in real life. Change can be global or it can be personal. It can be environmental or focus on a family. Teachers and librarians value books about change ...

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Children’s Book Review, Circle
Reviewed by Susan Stephenson, With the CBCA theme for Children’s Book Week 2017 being “Escape to Everywhere", I’ve been looking for books that suit this theme. Circle  is a children's picture book by Jeannie Baker, published by Walker B...

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Children’s iPad App, HangArt
Reviewed by Susan Stephenson, HangArt is an app for children that combines word play with art - two of my favourite things! From the developer : In HangArt, children practice 200 K-3 spelling sight words in a three-part literacy playgro...

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Recommended Books for Older Readers 2017 (1)
Reviewed by Susan Stephenson, Although I have a fascination (some may prefer to call it an obsession!) with children’s picture books, I love to find great books for older readers too. Below you’ll find some recently read books that I re...

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Activities for NSS 2017, The Cow Tripped Over the Moon
by Susan Stephenson, National Simultaneous Storytime will take place this year at 11.00am on Wednesday 24 May. Kids and adults will get together at that time to share The Cow Tripped Over the Moon by Tony Wilson and Laura Wood, publishe...

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Children’s Book Review, The Sisters Saint-Claire
Reviewed by Susan Stephenson, The Sisters Saint-Claire was written by Carlie Gibson, illustrated by Tamsin Ainslie, and published by Allen and Unwin (2016.) RRP: $Au19.99 From the publisher : This is the tale of the sisters Saint-Claire...

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Web Comics and Graphic Novels for Kids
by Susan Stephenson, Have your kids discovered graphic novels and web comics yet? If not, there’s so much opportunity for fun ahead! Graphic Novels Graphic novels use sequential art to tell a story. That story can be fiction or non-fict...

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Introducing Raising Literacy Australia Books
Reviews by Susan Stephenson, Here are reviews of two charming children’s picture books published by Raising Literacy Australia (RLA.) RLA/The Little Big Book Club has a great website, that offers lots of support activities for hundreds ...

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Children’s iPad App, Grandpa’s Workshop
by Susan Stephenson, Grandpa’s Workshop is both an iPad app, and an Android app. From the developer : This dancing Grandpa and his wacky tools are ready for fun and projects in the workshop! Grandpa needs help identifying tools, measuri...
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