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Corey Smith
turn up the signal. wipe out the noise.
turn up the signal. wipe out the noise.


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Too many people. Time to sped time with books in bed with my good friend ambient music.

All Pittsburgh people get to @WoodStreetPgh Galleries. @ryojiikeda is on show there. Do not miss out on this. He's the greatest.

quinoa, pressure cooker, backpacks

let's see how this goes.

My people.

Just registered as an Oculus Dev. #virtualreality  

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This past weekend I have been brushing up my Javascript skills and building a virtual world (slowly) in Unity3D. I received a 30 day Pro invite so I took them up on it. Here's a few examples of what I am up to from the first day/night.

I stayed up until 6am getting the audio of a few simple objects perfect and writing a chromatic aberration shader only to find one came pre-installed. 

In the meantime here's a few screenshots from me staying up until 6am trying to get some audio perfectly mixed in 3D within the virtual space.

The record player plays a recording  an old 78rpm of "Twilight Time" by The Platters, my own personal homage to the X-Files episode 'Kill Switch'  and the spinning box plays the audio of a music box performing "Avril14" by Aphex Twin. 
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my people

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Lunch at Can Can

Some people always need to be right.
Other people always need to learn.
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