Dear Google+,
We haven't always seen eye to eye and I think, like so many awkward dates, things didn't gel right from the start. Sure we had some good times learning about each other, exploring different perspectives, but we sort of drifted apart. I wasn't entire engaged in meeting your expectations and I wasn't exactly sure what mine were yet. The timing was just a little off. It's a shame that it happened so quickly after we met but that's life.

I've taken the time to decide what I want out of my time with you and realized I was going about things all wrong. I'm sure there are many tales to tell, experiences to be had, and loads of room for growth. To be quite honest I'm at your mercy. Strange to admit but there is far more that I need to learn about you than you need to know about me. What makes you tick? Not an easy question to answer but all part of me figuring you out. I'm going to change and see things more from your point of view, use the tools you've given me and make the most of it.

There may be some more frustrations ahead as I don't always get things right but I'm willing to stick it out and work through any issues I have. You just be you and I'll be me, both learning how to put it all together.

Thanks for taking me in Google+, I really appreciate it.

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