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I'm SUCH a jerk...  LOL
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Auntibodhi toreligion

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Edited, but still worth reading.  Step on rapists, rape-apologists, anyone stupid enough to think "it's not rape if you're married", proponents of 'legitimate rape' and so on...
(Note: this entry has been edited to reflect some info I didn't have at the time I wrote this) I'm gonna keep flogging this one until these assholes are brought to justice. Seriously, WTF, Oh...
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Auntibodhi toreligion

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Rape sickens me.  What sickens me more is when local law-enforcemnt seem to pass it over, as if the victim is worth nothing.  Stuepidvi- er Steubenville, Ohio, you're on my hit list.  If you care about this kind of thing and want 'rape culture' to end, check out the petition I link to in my entry.
I'm gonna keep flogging this one until these assholes are brought to justice. Seriously, WTF, Ohio? Imagine yourself at a party, a place where you are supposed to be having fun, you pass out from...
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Auntibodhi toreligion

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This made me grin so wide, because it's so true...  I, for one, refuse to turn off my brain in order to assimilate the concept that some imaginary being described by some schizophrenic shepherd in the desert exists.
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not this post i meant. you didnt also.
on another post that it seems the writer of that post (i cant see which post because i am blocked) blocked me. Yet i get notifications sometimes that you mentioned me. Anyway.

A true religion must not contradict with science. Did you see this:

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"So much of what we do is based upon what we are afraid of. If you recognize what you fear, then you must also take responsibility for what you do when you react to those fears."
Blame my husband- Dragon is my married name. Anyone who knows me will love the synchronicity of it, too. I'm not average, normal, or everyday, nor am I serious at all times. Atheist and occasionally loud about it. Deal. Try to convert me, it's fun... for me. Abuse sucks, but having no sense of humour sucks worse, and apathy is the REAL killer. Expect some cheese, since I REALLY like cheese, of all kinds. Like a good Havarti or a bad movie... I'm a huge geek. I'll reference things no one else will get unless they're geeks, too. I'm an artist- of the rambling sort that's hard to categorize. Heinlein understood that: "Specialization is for insects." I'm a polymathic synthesist, meaning, I have too many interests to stick to just one, so I do them ALL! That doesn't mean I'm GOOD at everything I do; no ego to find here, move along. Oh, and I bite- caution is advised if you are a rape-apologist, if you suggest hiding the abuse, or anything like those idiocies, because I WILL verbally chew on you for it. It's hard for me not to swear like a sailor, so swear back. ;-)Fun is pretty much tops in my list of cool things to do with my life. That, and getting dirty in the garden.
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Saved a kid's life (fell out a window & going into shock- kept him warm until ambulance got there), rescued cats & gave them good homes (miss U Buggz & Squee, love U Diva), made my 1st garden (alas, it's gone, now), hiked 6 miles & didn't die, Hiked near to 10 000 feet & still didn't die, went spelunking & didn't freak out @ being underground (mild claustrophobia), I go on stage (scared to death & want to barf), have a Univeristy education (Certificate courses- cheaper than a degree, & U can get much of the same knowledge!), danced on stage w/Ministry & The Revolting Cocks, hung out w/GWAR, scared the CRAP out of guys abusing their girfriends & made them stop (at least for a while), I can carry a 275 lb man around a room- it's easy (5' 3", out of shape- blame my ancestry- look up Louis Cyr, the "Strongest Man In The World"- he's my great-great+ uncle- we share a common set of ancestors strong as oxen), lived in a protest camp for most of the 71-day stand-off of the Oka event in 1990, my Mom WENT to Oka (awesome), I go to protests & rallies where I might be arrested (environmentalist, political activist, supporter of progressive causes to fight for human rights of all kinds, especially for gays, Indigenous Peoples and women), out-n-LOUD-n-proud ATHEIST in a VERY religitarded town where even the grocery-store puts Buybull chapter-n-verse no's on their receipts & on the cash-register monitors, combat ignorance wherever I find it (even when it's in myself- I'm not perfect, I need to learn, too).
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