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Have flawless spot free skin! ✨IPL Photofacial 20% off ✨

Photofacial is a skin treatment using IPL (intense pulse light) technology to boost collagen, treat spots, redness, and diminish broken capillaries. An IPL photofacial delivers a bright blast of light at very high energy levels through a hand-held device. The procedure is safe with minimal discomfort, and little to no downtime. Our clinicians will adjust settings to treat your skin type in the safest most effective way delivering optimal results.
IPL photofacial can treat a variety of skin conditions such as: -Sun spots, age spots, brown spots, broken capillaries, spider veins
-Uneven skin color, hyperpigmentation, facial redness, rosacea
-Fine lines and wrinkles
-Diminish Pore size
-Stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration

Call us today to make an appointment and take your first step towards beautiful, flawless skin!
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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!!! Peel Season is in full effect get perfect refreshed skin this fall. 🍂🍃🍁
Take advance of our customized peels including the limited edition Pumpkin Enzyme Peel! .
Pumpkin peels use the enzymes of fruits and pumpkin to exfoliate and nourish the skin with vitamins and antioxidants to Renew and Revive skin for the perfect GLOW🌟
Pumpkin Peel + Microderm $99 Limited Time .
#OctoberSpecials #FlawlessSkin #PumpkinFacial #PumkpinPeel #PureblissMedSpa #AtlantaMedSpa #SandySprings
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Laser hair removal is one of today’s most popular and most common cosmetic treatments for both men and women. Laser hair removal uses light technology to kill the hair follicle without damage to the surrounding skin. At Pure Bliss Med Spa, we use state of the art laser systems offering a customized treatment for your hair and skin type. Our laser is safe for all skin types, with minimal pain using advanced technology. Laser hair removal has evolved from its stigma of being a lengthy painful experience; using the newest high-end technology, you will have a comfortable cooling experience during your treatment.

Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!

*this treatment does not work on blonde, grey, or red hair
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Micro-needling is a safe, effective facial treatment that uses a cluster of 12 tiny needles to superficially pierce tiny holes all over the face at rapid fire. Creation of these tiny micro-holes kicks the skin into healing mode, where it rushes to make more collagen. The increased production of collagen helps fade scars and smooth pockmarks caused by acne, treats fine lines and prevents them from deepening, and gives skin a level of radiance.

The needle depths are adjustable depending on your skin care needs. Most patients will find the procedure very tolerable with minimal to no pain, for those requiring deeper depths to obtain skin care goals; a topical numbing cream is applied. Patient may experience some redness, for deeper treatments redness may persist for 24-48 hours. No visible wounds are created with this treatment.

What are the benefits of microneedling?
-100% natural process, making microneedling a holistic approach to skin therapy.
-Skins response to injury helps stimulate new healthy tissue growth.
-New collagen will be created and deposited with new tissue formation.
-New healthy skin starts to develop immediately, with peak results 28 days after needling
-Collagen matures and stiffens and new tissue shows 80% more strength and firmness
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PUMPKIN Facial $95

Enjoy all the benefits of our 1-hour signature facial with the addition of our seasonal Pumpkin
Enzyme Polish and Autumn Spice Moisture Mask.

PUMPKIN Peel & Microdermabrasion $99

Enjoy the ultimate exfoliating, anti-aging treatment with a Pumpkin Peel. A pumpkin peel is filled with vitamins and antioxidants to soften, nourish, and enrich skin. Pumpkin has a high concentration of beta carotene, vitamin A and C, highly active antioxidants, and in combination with glycolic a pumpkin peel is a moderate strength peel that produces visible results.

The Total Bliss Experience... Pumpkin Edition $149

Enjoy our Pumpkin Spice Facial in combination with a luxury full body massage. Experience 2 hours of Total Bliss!
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