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Dear Google Plus: Even Facebook lets me unsubscribe from seeing what my friends like. PLEASE DEAR GOD ENABLE THIS FEATURE. I hate having to uncircle people I otherwise like because of the flood of +1s.

Edit: Since people seem not to be clear on this concept, you cannot "turn this off." You can turn your own +1s off for others (I have). 

Your options are:
* Convince other people to also turn theirs off (many people in my circles have done this)
* Repeatedly mute the posts and hope that helps (it hasn't)
* Use circle-filtered views (I could do this, but it means extra clicks every time I come to the site, and doesn't make sense with my use cases; there's also no way to make a circle-filtered view the default that I know of)

Google thinks that +1s are valuable, and they don't care about use cases where they aren't, like mine, in which predominantly +1s are "My friend cares about this other person I don't know" or "My friend cares about some Google-related or newsy content that I don't care about at all".

Thus, I think their attitude is annoying, arrogant, and stupid. They don't exactly have such a large user base and successful social network that they should be thinking that they have it all figured out. As far back as LiveJournal you could choose your own default view (implemented around 2004 I believe) and even Facebook thinks you deserve to have the chance to unsubscribe from someone's Likes. 

The message not offering this setting sends "We know how you SHOULD be using our social network, and since you're not doing that, we don't give a fuck about you." That's Google institutional culture in a nutshell.
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