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Whats up Google+? Thoughts?
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Just heard about this, then got your invite. Haven't checked it out much yet because the disclaimer says info might not be secure. Is this the new Facebook?
Yep, kinda hard to get a good feel due to the fact there are not allot of users just yet. I like the way the "circles" work. Makes it very easy to group friends, family and work.
I saw that this "Beta version" is at full capacity for now until they work out some kinks and release the full version. I'll mess around with it some more. What are you doing around July 24th? We're taking a road trip and might be able to swing that way...not sure yet
We will be here... Let me know if you guys are going to make it and I will see if we can get the hole family in town for a bbq or something... Where you headed on the road trip?
If we can add Watsonville to the trip, we would leave here on Sunday the 24th and get there sometime in the evening. I have one week off. We also plan on going to Knotts Berry Farm and Sandy Eggo. Just trying to figure out how much we can squeeze in.
Obviously, we ran out of time before we hit Watsonville for this trip. We do want to get up there soon though. My mountain bike got stolen the last day of our trip but other than that it was all good. ...You still using this circles thing?
Sorry for slow response.. I was in Texas all last week on business. That sucks about your bike.What kind of bike was it? I have a Spec Stumjumper FRS for sale?
Let me know when you guys are ready to come up...
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