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Friends, Romans, countrymen...

It's time to make our voices heard, lets finish what we started killing SOPA! Tell the FCC that Title II reclassification is the only way to protect the internet. For our children, for freedom.

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Timothy Purselley (Vince)

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Great Vid! Would it be possible to record at 1080?

Timothy Purselley (Vince)

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1) You use text to speech
2) You use the word "creepy" when talking about science
3) You're an idiot.
Coca-Cola and McDonalds condemned Russia's new law banning public LGBT advocacy Tuesday. But they aren't calling on Vladimir Putin's government to repeal it before February's games.
57,849 veterans are homeless on any given night.

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I'm a Marine. A hard man, by many standards. I can honestly admit this made me cry. I dare you to watch this and tell me this man isn't deserving of all the praise and love, for what he showed and did for his daughter... I DARE YOU! 

"McKenzie Carey is 11 years old. She was born with a life-threatening disease. Here she is dancing with her father at a pageant."

This is an unrestrained expression of love, courage and pride.
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very nice!!!!!!!!
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Robotics Workstation in the International Space Station’s Cupola

At the robotics workstation in the International Space Station’s Cupola, NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, Expedition 36 flight engineer, participates in onboard training activity in preparation for the grapple and berthing of the Japanese "Kounotori" H2 Transfer Vehicle-4 (HTV-4). The HTV-4 was installed on its berthing port on the Earth-facing side of the International Space Station’s Harmony node at 11:38 a.m. EDT Friday, August 9, delivering 3.6 tons of science experiments, equipment and supplies to the orbiting complex. Nyberg and NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy grappled the HTV-4 with Canadarm2, the station's Canadian Space Agency-provided robotic arm, as the Japanese space freighter flew within about 30 feet of the complex. Flight Engineer Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency joined the two NASA astronauts in the cupola to monitor the systems of the Japanese space freighter during its approach.

Image Credit: NASA