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Upstate New York
Today we woke up to the sound of thunder and pouring
rain.   Immediately I was grateful that we
weren’t about to stand in a line for an hour and a half in this weather. And
after searching for nearby chapels we realized that there were no meetings that

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Niagara Falls!
Today was like a roller coaster of emotions and events! We
began in Kirtland OH, visiting the church history sites there. It’s much
smaller than Nauvoo, but full of stories and miracles. We were in a small group
and the sister missionary who guided us took ...

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This morning we visited downtown Chicago and Millennial
Park. The timing turned out perfect, because it rained all afternoon. There was a family festival happening this week so we had some kid-friendly games to play around with and live music to listen to. ...

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Carthage to Chicago
We were warned about throngs of visitors in Nauvoo during
‘peak season’ and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't think it was crowded at all . Often we were the
only family walking down an entire street and we never had to wait for a tour....

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A Nauvoo butcher, baker, and candlestick maker.
Eating breakfast around a large table with a bunch of
strangers might seem awkward, but considering we were all in Nauvoo for the
same reason, it was kind of fun. There were couples from California, South
Carolina, and Canada. Ours were the only kids, and I...

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My alarm went off at 6:30, but we shushed it and kept
sleeping until 8:00. Much later than our original plan (but still 6:00 am Utah
time I told myself).   It didn’t take us
terribly long to gather our things and pack up the car. We won’t be camping

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Heey batter batter!
Our last full day spent with the Hobbs’ was low key, just
what we needed. We’d offered to take the boys to an indoor trampoline
park/ninja warrior gym, but they opted to hang out at home. Clara still had a
fever and was feeling worse than yesterday. Thanks ...

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Pioneer Day
Sunday rolled around again, giving us the perfect
opportunity to visit Independence Missouri, and Liberty Jail. Important church
history sites, both with impressive visitors centers. This morning we had
Graham riding with us. As per the usual 7-year-old boy...

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A pool, a picnic, a powerwash
Looking at our blue dot location on Google maps we realized
that we’re more than halfway across the country. Each day is flying by! It’s
hard to believe we’re down to the final two weeks of our trip. Today we went to an annual water park and picnic party pu...

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Kansas City!
On this road trip we have weaved in and out of time zones
and climates. At first it was the warm breezy coast, then the cool breezy
coast, then the arid climate of Yellowstone and the Black Hills. Now we’re in
the muggy Midwest and the heat wave they’re hav...
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