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Joanna Walmsley
A (not so) cynical romantic with a fancy phone and a knitting habit.
A (not so) cynical romantic with a fancy phone and a knitting habit.

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Have other people's soft toys given them an 8-month probationary review? Happily, I'm allowed to stay in the flat. 

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+Graham W​ made a cod and potato soup tonight. 

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When giraffe holds the camera the selfie is pretty close up.

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Read a bunch of cool stories and donate to a great cause! There's nothing to lose here.
Dora thinks everyone who can should donate to The Lost anthology. 

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#ConTessa  Seeks Plucky, Intrepid Reporter-Types for Blog!  

Do you know a geeky girl that deserves a spotlight? Do you like to write about all things gamy while steering clear of politics? Do you think +ConTessa is going to be utterly awesome and you want to spread the awesomeness? 

We could use you to write for the ConTessa blog! ConTessa seeks to grow the number of women gaming by featuring other women like them who play, run, and design games. 

We need articles of the following sort: 

- Know a geeky girl who's also a crafter? We're looking for articles that showcase their goods, shops, and give some information about who the woman is behind all of that crafting.

- Ditto the above with women who design games. Articles that showcase the games and the women, offer reviews of the products they've done, and interviews with the designers are all great things for this category! 

- Are you a woman who wants to share her gamer story? Talk about your favorite GMing strategies, write about the games you love the most, spin yarns about the crazy things you and your group do when you game? Your voice is especially wanted! It makes no difference if you're a novice or an expert, if you've been playing games, reading comics, or doing anything geeky for two minutes or two decades. Your voice is important, and we want to give you a platform to share it on! 

Intrepid Reporters will receive an author account ton the ConTessa blog, which runs on Wordpress. If you're not familiar with Wordpress, no fear! It's a lot easier than you might think and we can send you plenty of help pages to get through your first posts! 

I'll also be working on a way to pull in RSS feeds as posts, so if you've got a topic-appropriate (and appropriately apolitical) blog that you'd like ConTessa to syndicate, please let me know! I'll only work on it if I get some nibbles of interest. :) 

Also note that I'm taking reporters of both genders. Obviously, we want the personal stories to be written by women in accordance with our goals, but we absolutely welcome male reporters for any other topic-appropriate reporting. 

If you're interested, let us know in the comments below, but also make sure you send an email to with notice of your interest, an idea for your first article, and what you'd like your username (what you log in with, not what is displayed on the page) for your Wordpress account to be. 

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I'm angry at the Internet! No surprise there. So I'm going to post about something Very Important that makes me very happy.

David Bowie has a single out! The new album is out in March! 

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The Golden Crown Awards celebrate the 10th anniversary of the UK Roleplayers website. They look for the best things in gaming from the last ten years.

Here are the nominations. Please do share them widely and bring them to the attention of the nominees.

Best Role Playing Game

Apocalypse World
Dead of Night
D&D 4E
Duty and Honour
Hot War
My Life with Master
Savage Worlds
Spirit of the Century

Best Artwork/Production Values in a Role Playing Game

Dresden Files
Dungeon Crawls Classics RPG
Eclipse Phase
Polaris: Chivalric Tragedy at Utmost North
Hot War Hardback Limited Edition
Mouse Guard
Nights Dark Masters

Best Supplement for a Role Playing Game

Adventure Burner
Book of Unremitting Horror
Great Pendragon Campaign
Kerberos Club
Kingmaker AP for Pathfinder
Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale
Sex and Sorcery

Best Official Website/Podcast

Cubicle 7
Giant in the Playground
This American Life

Best Unofficial Website/Podcast

Actual People Actual Play
The Forge 
Obsidian Portal
Yog Radio

Best UK Convention
Concrete Cow

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Top 5 Children's Books From My Childhood

+Pete Figtree asked the question: What Top Ten lists would you like to hear from your fave writers, game designers, gamers? I gave him some ideas and now feel like answering one.

This book! It's a beautiful, scary and sad fairy tale that I have loved forever. My mom bought a second copy and donated it to my grade school library because it was so amazing.

Finn Family Moomintroll
I love all the Moomin books, but this one may be my favorite. The Hobgoblin's hat causes all sorts of trouble and fun for the residents of the valley.

Pippi Longstocking
The best girl-next-door story ever.

My Side of the Mountain
A boy runs away and lives in the mountains by himself over the winter. I wanted to do the very same thing.

The Chronicles of Prydain
Okay, it's 5 books but I can't choose just one! This was the fantasy series to get me interested in fantasy series. I read them again recently and I still think they are wonderful.

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I knit a lot of things with fingering weight yarn. Because of this I end up with a lot of leftover bits of skeins. I have a longterm sock yarn blanket on needles, which is a great use of very small amounts of yarn. But this past year I also ended up with several larger leftover skeins.

On Christmas Day I divided up some yarn and started a pair of socks. I finished them on Wednesday.

I love knitting from leftovers. These socks remind me of the different pair of socks, a necklace, a baby sweater, and a summer picnic and charity raffle; all the places these yarns have been before.


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artist to check out
I had a hankering to draw Marvel Comic's bad-ass mother fuuuu..., Misty Knight, and I figured it would be fun to document the process. I took a photo at each step along the way, and collected them all together here. Each photo in the album also has notes from me in the comment section detailing that step in the process and talking a bunch of nonsense.

Take a look, tell me what you think, ask questions. Questions are cool. 

And, please share if you like this! Shares help a lot.
Misty Knight Drawing Process August 8, 2012 (9 photos)
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