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The Linux Kernel maintainers started a new facebook group for improved workflow and feedback for ongoing kernel development:

Some great news just landed in my inbox. The openSUSE Education flavoured release has been updated to 13.1 and will benefit from extended support thanks to the Evergreen team.

It's great that we have a really strong choice of candidate's for the board elections. It makes the choice all the more harder though.

I'm making my decision this year based on my personal experience. +Sascha Peilicke was instrumental in helping make sure the Go language and toolchain was a first class citizen on openSUSE. And when other contributors to the Go project on our build service were busy with other commitments, he was there to pick up the slack.

The aforementioned experience and his ongoing dedication to our community makes me think he would be a great asset to the board.

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Discussing about the future of #openSUSE   New Blog post from the openSUSE Team at SUSE

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I just upgraded from 12.3 to 13.1 KDE using the upgrade option from the dvd.iso .  This is on a Dell i5, triple boot.  All though,  I was prompted to manual disable 10 packages, this went smooth and fast. Start to Finish  *22 minutes 20 seconds fast*.

That's it , no drama. No searching forums, G+ post, or IRC to troubleshoot anything. I had food, drinks, and my spare laptop ready with all opensuse tabs. I was prepared for a 3 to 4 hour troubleshooting session.  I now have an extra 3.5 hours in my day, kinda weird. Thanks openSuse Dev Team
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I have been working with a few friends on porting the reference Go toolchain to amd64 Solaris for some time. It is now ready for a wider audience. A mercurial repo can be found at:; please use the port-sunos branch.

We hope to integrate this into the main Go repository once the code freeze (pending the upcoming Go 1.2 release) ends on December 1st.

Everything that doesn't use cgo should be working[0]. The performance of the networking libraries is subpar, this will be addressed soon. Cgo support is planned; it will come, eventually.

If you encounter any bugs, please file them here[1], but only after you checked the main issue tracker here[2]. Please don't use the main issue tracker until this is merged upstream.

I have used OmniOS and SmartOS for this port. Every illumos-derivative should work. Solaris 11 and Solaris 10 probably should work, but are untested. I would appreciate if people tested this on Solaris 10.

Solaris 8 and 9 will probably not work, but can be made to work with relatively little effort.

This is 64-bit Intel only. A 32-bit port should be easy to do, but it is not planned; neither is a SPARC port, which would require writing a new compiler.

Many thanks to Dave Cheney, Shenghou Ma, Devon H. O'Dell, Richard Lowe, Bryan Cantrill, Joshua M. Clulow, Brendan Gregg, Jonathan Perkin, Neil Houston; they all contributed in various capacities, either with code or valuable advice.

Thanks, and have fun!

[0] TLS should work but loading the host CA roots will not.


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