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The Accuser, The Chariot, and The Magician
in April I had a bit of an unnerving day, which involved a bit of
magic, and that magic first induced a good bit of panic, and well,
frankly, abject terror, eventually more magic made things run
smoothly in seemingly miraculous ways. Because obviously,...
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Gifts of Dionysos: Reflecting on 6 months of Mid-Atlantic Dionysianism
the weekend I got to attend a really awesome camp out hosted by Azul
Nox Encampment of the OTO along with significant participation and
contribution from St. Eve's Parish of the AJC. In the past the camp
out was a sort of Gnostic Solar adoration themed...
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The First Spirit
thing that comes up in traditional systems of witchcraft and magic is
the idea of introduction. Either a spirit or another magician,
perhaps even some event, that introduces the magician to the spirits
with whom he will work. Spirits are often approache...
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Bealtain - Thoughts and a Ritual
A lot of people on Facebook have been
posting about their “Beltane” activities, and much of it has to
do with debauchery, outdoor sex, dressing up in costumes, may poles,
and various European folk customs, many of which are maybe medieval,
probably Renaissa...
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Do You Have Any Dead People?
have a friend who occasionally asks me questions about magic. While talking the other night when
we got to the subject of conjuration he noted that he didn't really
feel he had the position or connections to get heavy into spirit work
yet, and so I of cou...
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Magic is the Bee's Knees, and Mysticism is All the Buzz
Before the days of well, actually, well after blogger existed, but before I used it since I'm technologically like a decade behind...I would occasionally do a Facebook note. This one popped up from a memory today. It was kind of a neat moment w...
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Nolan's amazing film Inception presented an interesting idea. A world
where we could use science to probe into the minds of others and
explore their dreams in order to find information we want. The
“heroes” of the film are contracted to engage ...
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The First Lesson
I was
doing some work with Hekate recently, asking her to teach me more
about herself, and about magic and witchcraft in general. It was
interesting that she did not present to me anything I expected in
response to me asking. She, instead, told me that I al...
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A Faery Story
is, as you probably already know, St. Patrick's Day, so, Lá Fhéile
Pádraig Sona. I'm not a fan of wearing green plastic, or hanging out
with cups of green beer, and Padraig doesn't fit into the Saints with
whom I work in my ancestral work. So I didn't...
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The Raccolta and the Holy Guardian Angel
my post yesterday on Lent I spoke about the unique moments of the
Pascal season which provide liturgically significant times for
spiritual work involved in connecting to the Holy Guardian Angel, and
to The Beloved. The Angel runs parallel to the Prince o...
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