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Who Am I?

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Why Do Atheists Bother?
Joelyn: Part of the problem with Evangelical religious beliefs is that some want to make parts of it public policy (e.g., eliminate marriage equality, reproductive rights, etc.) Frankly, I couldn't care less about any one's religious delusion as long as the...

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Should We Trust NT Testimonry That Jesus Arose from the Dead?
Here's a Christian named Angie on Facebook about testimonial evidence of the resurrection of Jesus: Angie: "One method of determining good evidence is the testimony of others. Courts use testimony all the time and consider it in making decisions. We have th...

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Dr. Richard Carrier On Why You Can’t Cite Opinions On Whether Josephus Mentioned Jesus Before 2014
Carrier presents the latest interesting scholarly findings right here .

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Don Camp Knows His Indoctrinating Catechism Fairly Well. Now He Should Think Through It!
Don Camp has roosted here at DC for some time now. I wonder what his motivation is. I hope he's here to test his faith against the evidence, but of that I can't say. He's a former teacher/professor of literature classes and his comments are respectful and p...

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"John, which one of your books would you recommend for me to read?
I was asked this question by a Christian who comments here at DC. I replied as follows: It depends on your interest, and/or ignorance, so take a look at my book descriptions and see for yourself. My challenge to you is to pick one, any one, and read through...

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Mythbusters Shows Why There's No Contest Between Science and Faith. Science Always Wins!
Those of us who were fans of the program Mythbusters hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, were taught over the course of thirteen years how to think like scientists. In the episode below you'll see how they tested and debunked the moon hoax, the one tha...

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Michael Nugent to Debate William Lane Craig
Michael Nugent is a writer from Dublin, Ireland, and chairperson of the advocacy group Atheist Ireland. He will debate William Lane Craig on March 21st. I've heard him talk and read some of the things he has written and think he'll do well in this debate. K...

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An Update on Why William Lane Craig Refuses to Debate Me
Let me update the reasons why William Lane Craig refuses to debate me. So far none of them make any sense at all. [Before commenting on this present post read that one] . When I was a student of his he told his class something I thought was odd at the time....

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How One Atheist Group is Using My Books
Aaron Lietz and Jason Blair recently contacted me on behalf of the San Diego Coalition of Reason ) (which is under the United Coalition of Reason . They had a unique request concerning my anthology, The Christian Delusion . They contacted me with it, via em...

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Still Anoher Testimony On "Why I'm an Atheist"
Here is a link to an intelligent philosophically minded person's story of why s/he's an atheist. See if any of these reasons resonate with you . The site is named, Atheism And The City: Exploring Philosophy, Religion & Atheism In The Context Of Contemporary...
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