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Soft Computing, Volume 21, Issue 7, April 2017
1. Similarity of binary relations based on complete Boolean lattices and related results Author(s): Ningxin Xie, Gangqiang Zhang, Zhaowen Li Pages: 1643-1652 2. The hull-kernel topology on prime ideals in posets Author(s): Nilesh Mundlik, Vinayak Joshi, Rad...

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IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy System, Volume 25, Number 1, February 2017
1. Recognition of Epileptic EEG Signals Using a Novel Multiview TSK Fuzzy System Author(s): Y. Jiang and Z. Deng and F. L. Chung and G. Wang and P. Qian and K. S. Choi and S. Wang Page(s): 3-20 2. Fuzzy Integral With Particle Swarm Optimization for a Motor-...

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Evolving Systems, Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2017. Timely advances in evolving neural-based systems
1. Timely advances in evolving neural-based systems special issue Author(s): Lazaros Iliadis, Konstantinos Margaritis, Ilias Maglogiannis Pages: 1-2 2. Locally application of naive Bayes for self-training Author(s): Stamatis Karlos, Nikos Fazakis, Angeliki-...

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Review for 20 March 2017
Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently. We will get closer to AIs, but I think we will go thru many iterations of wearables before we get to implants:

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Soft Computing, Volume 21, Number 6 Special Issue on Quantum, Logic & Music
1. Preface Author(s): Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, Roberto Giuntini, Eleonora Negri, Giuseppe Sergioli & Sonja Smets Pages: 1371-1372 2. Semilattices global valuations in the topos approach to quantum mechanics Author(s): Hector Freytes, Christian de Ronde & G...

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Neural Networks, Volume 88, Pages: 1-134, April 2017
1. Orthogonal self-guided similarity preserving projection for classification and clustering     Author(s): Xiaozhao Fang, Yong Xu, Xuelong Li, Zhihui Lai, Shaohua Teng, Lunke Fei Pages: 1-8 2. Elimination of spiral waves in a locally connected chaotic neur...

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IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, Volume 1, Issue 1, February 2017
1. Computational Intelligence in Music Composition: A Survey Author(s): C.-H. Liu and C.-K. Ting Pages: 2-15 2. Novel Solution Approach for Multi-Objective Attack-Defense Cyber Games With Unknown Utilities of the Opponent Author(s): E. Eisenstadt and A. Mos...

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IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Volume 9, Number 1, March 2017
1. A Bio-Inspired Cognitive Agent for Autonomous Urban Vehicles Routing Optimization Author(s): G. Vitello, A. Alongi, V. Conti and S. Vitabile Pages: 5-15 2. A Multilevel Body Motion-Based Human Activity Analysis Methodology Author(s): K. Khoshhal Roudposh...

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Soft Computing, Volume 21, Number 5, March 2017
1. Iterative numerical method for fuzzy Volterra linear integral equations in two dimensions Author(s): Alexandru Mihai Bica, Shokrollah Ziari Pages: 1097-1108 2. Many-objective optimization based on information separation and neighbor punishment selection ...

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Neural Networks, Volume 87, Pages 1-160, March 2017
1. Reaction times in visual search can be explained by a simple model of neural synchronization     Author(s): Yakov Kazanovich, Roman Borisyuk Pages: 1-7 2. An empirical model of activity in macaque inferior temporal cortex     Author(s): Salman Khan, Brya...
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