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Mister “Lizardly” Lizard
I manage the Lizardium Wardrobes. We have all kinds of exquisite clothing. I also bullshit around sometimes.
I manage the Lizardium Wardrobes. We have all kinds of exquisite clothing. I also bullshit around sometimes.
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Alright y'all, real talk.

I have a PS4, PS3, PS2 (LMAO), PSP, PS Vita (...), DS, 3Ds, GTX 980ti Overclocked PC, Wii, and a Wii U (and gamecube games?).

I don't own everything, it's just what we have altogether as a family but I play on all of them, lol.

Should I get the Xbox Scorpio coming soon? I plan to get the Switch (cause Nintendo games are just always good no matter the system).

And I do have a 4K TV so I could benefit from the 4K stuff.
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Yes ya bitch ass lizard.
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Nah ya lil shit turd filthy casual.
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Idk, bagel simulator.
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Check out this video my sister insisted I upload.

can 1080 gtx nvodia run minecrsft at 60fps at 1080p

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My character on FF XIV .w.

I'm being human in a Fantasy game . w .

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‪In 💗 with #PangolinLove. Ready to roll? #GoogleDoodle ‬

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What is YOUR favorite system(s) to play on out of these fabulous platforms?

*Voting not necessary, you can always comment. Commenting is required for PC because I ran out of space. I didn't want to replace any of the others because it was all mostly in pairs so it would look weird with just "PC" you know?

Also, Switch isn't here for obvious reasons.. it's not out.

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XBOX 360/One
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Nintendo DS/3Ds
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Wii/Wii U

Guys, I need help once again. I'm trying to find a $250 - 350 laptop for my friend since his old laptop (which he got for like $120) is garbage and can't even solitaire.

It's obvious that a desktop is better in terms of raw power, but it falters in terms of portability and he doesn't need overwhelming power (he also has a somewhat cluttered room and I don't want to see a bigger mess around his computer area).

He wants something portable and can game as best as can for that price range (going a little over $350 is alright since I'm lending him some money to buy it because I'm just that nice).

*I'm going to delete any comments that are illogical including posts with content similar to "Laptops suck," "desktops are better," and even "my toilet is on fire."

... No, I think I'll keep that last one..

Guys, I need help.

I want to find a game that's local coop/multiplayer similar to something like Banjo-Kazooie or Little Big Planet (gameplay wise) or something that's family fun friendly. Platformers are pretty great (and I can hardly find anything like that on PC...)

There is a game called Yooka-Laylee coming soon but I'd like something to play for now..

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Yo yo, which Final Fantasy should I buy fams?
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Final Fantasy XV (Ps4)
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Final Fantasy Type-0 (PC)
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Neither Cause I Wanna Feel Rebelious

Should I upgrade anything at all?

- Asus Z170-A Motherboard
- Zotac GTX 980 ti (AMP! Extreme Edition)
- Core i5-6600K
- Patriot Viper Extreme 16GB DDR4
- EVGA 750Watt (Bronze) Power Supply
- One of those Fractal Design cases using their stock fans x4
- Hyper 212 EVO (the processor cooler)

I have my OS on an SSD and all my games/extra programs on a HDD.

I feel pretty great with my current setup, but improvement is always nice (especially from experienced people..)

And I don't Overclock.
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