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Awesome short film

Ray Walsh

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Incredible.  Never seen anything like this.

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I'm moving out of the country (Albania).  Can I purchase EDU in the US and set it up over there?
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This also means that I can buy the game for my class in Norway?
I've just recieved an ok from my principal
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Now this is (auto) magical.  Good work G+.  Happy Birthday Aimen, you wonderful person.
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What an adorable, special little person!
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Ray Walsh

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The future appears so fun and humane coming from +Trey Ratcliff.
Exploring the world with +Google Glass

Just recently, I met this gentleman in the wilds beyond the desert. He was so curious and interested in Glass. Absolutely transfixed, he asked me everything about it, then tried it on and played and played and played!  He loved it!  

First I had him go through the same demo I give everyone.  I have them say, "Okay Glass, Take a picture" — it understands pretty much every accent around the world as far as I can tell. This always makes people freak out with excitement when they see the photo they just took floating as a hologram in front of their eyes.  

Then he started using it more and more, going through all my emails, watching videos, seeing my text messages, asking Google questions, checking weather... I mean it just went on and on and on... and then he started showing all his friends and telling them about it — he was so excited.  Naturally, he was happy for me to take his photo while he was playing!

We ended up talking about a bunch of different things.  I even bought an old used knife from him, and he showed me how to stick the curved end of it into a camel's hump to get water in an emergency.  There's another part of the knife you use to seal up the little puncture wound.  Then we talked about mediation, the sealing of the four cardinal spiritual doors in the night before entering the tent, different cultures around the world, and well, about a dozen other things.  Anyway, it was great... 

(btw after posting this, haha - I see that G+ automatically tagged it with Selfie!)
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Is this from the new StarGate sequel ?
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Ray Walsh

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Chefchaouen, Morocco

Or... every shade of blue in this town...

Every corner you turn, you see the walls and arches and ceilings and ground painted blue. It's unbelievable and dreamy!

Why is everything painted blue? I did a little research. 

Even though Morocco is now 99% Muslim, this blueness has a Jewish origin. It is a medieval remnant from the late 15th century exodus from Europe during the Spanish Inquisition, which nobody ever expected. Chefchaouen was a refugee camp with many Jews, and they painted their buildings blue as a sign of God's power above.
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This is actually good.
Wouldn't it be great if you could debug your brain as though it were bad code?
Wouldn't it be great if you could debug your brain as though it were bad code? We might not be able to reprogram ourselves, but we can use the principles of debugging to help ourselves build better habits. Here's how to debug your brain.
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This is such a great book for building language and content learning through inquiry in the (elementary) classroom. 

And it looks like you can read it for free on Google Books! Wow!
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Ray Walsh

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Stunning...the colors and geometry put the mind in an alert yet relaxed state, don't you think?
Sunset at the Mosque

This is another photo from my trip to Abu Dhabi, where I photographed the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. I caught this side of the mosque just as the sun was dipping over the horizon. :)

Processed using +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, +Adobe Photoshop, and +onOne Software's Perfect Effects.
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Ray Walsh

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I love the quality of VSCo's iPhone camera app, and even more the quality with which they foster the artistic expression of their users.
The subjects of this week’s Selects provide enlightenment and wonder, each photo telling a meaningful story that is both interesting and unique. We should not desensitize our feelings or forget to focus on even the most subtle of interactions. All around there are connections and contrasts reminding us of how complex and beautiful the world is, and as creatives, we must take the time and make the effort to notice such things.
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Ray Walsh

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facade behind the facade
New York City - Chinatown Rooftops with Graffiti at Sunset

New York City,

you are:

the tears that I blink back when I stare into the sun as it slides away from the remains of the day into night;

the dreams which are held close to my heart bound only by my imagination;

the sliver of hope that I have clung to in my darkest times as if hope was the only ledge I could hold onto at the edge of the universe sitting between the chasm of nothingness and being;

the city that holds the key to the rest of the world.


These are the rooftops of an area of lower Manhattan located between the Lower East Side and Chinatown known as Two Bridges due to its proximity to the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. Taken with the Sony A7R this past weekend.


View this post along with all relevant links at my photography blog here:


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Ray Walsh

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From Nashville by way of Canada, I now teach and travel internationally with my best friend and life partner.
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We came here nearly every night on our honey moon. Couldn't have been happier with the food, staff and ambience.
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Nice produce market with plenty of wares and meats being sold around. Largest weekend market in Durrës I've been told.
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