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Lover, humanist, musician, driver
Lover, humanist, musician, driver

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I still have to write up a song bio for my Spintunes round 1 song. I know the considerations are all over, but I realize that I've done it for every official entry I submitted previously, so I might as well keep up the practice.

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I've realized that my implementation of circles is flawed. Time to go updatin'. +david reiss is going to be in all of them.

In fact, all my circles are just going to be different attributes of his that I like, by which I will then categorize all my other friends.

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This past christmas I picked up a simple little accessory and I think it's going to completely change the way I perform and record. It's a plastic bracket that clips onto my microphone stand and holds an iPad.

Of course the workhorse in this combination is the iPad (specifically, the particular music apps I've come across and downloaded), but giving it a prominent placement on my mic stand makes it truly practical to use those apps on stage or in my studio.

While ultimately I'd like to incorporate the iPad into my live gigs to augment the guy-and-a-guitar thing with backing tracks, looping or synth instruments (I'm looking at you, Animoog), I think the most useful implementation of the setup will be remote control of my audio workstation.

I have an app that lets me connect to my Logic console via wifi and perform a slew of recording and mixing functions -- transport controls, setting record/playback levels, etc. -- all without having to step away from the microphone. This is going to speed up the recording process in general and will minimize the fatigue that would normally come from having to repeat takes if I'm having trouble getting things just right. I used to have to step away from the mic to queue up and rerecord, then get back in position before I miss my lead-in; this is tricky and time-consuming enough just when recording vocals, to say nothing of doing it while sitting at or holding an instrument.

With Spintunes 4 right around the corner, and considering that I'm going to be in the process of moving into my new apartment while round 1 is taking place, I'm going to need every last advantage and convenience at my fingertips if I want to get something submitted; this little piece of plastic is literally delivering that opportunity.

Spintunes 4 signups are now open, and I have to make a decision in the next week as to whether I can pull the trigger. I mean, I'm gonna sign up. Definitely am. But I'm hesitating to actually do it because I won't be able to give the contest the time it deserves from me.

I'm moving into a new place toward the end of the month, squarely in the middle of round 1. I'm not going to have time to write and I'm not going to have the capacity to record a full treatment of whatever I do come up with, since all my gear is going to be packed into a dozen little boxes.

In all honesty, it's a bad reason not to sign up just because this hindrance pretty much guarantees that I won't make to round 2; I don't expect to win this time around regardless -- the overall caliber of competition has been rising steadily since the first iteration of the contest and I was already feeling outclassed back then. So, since I'm planning on being here just for the shadow entries, I may as well try to toss in an under-produced and simple submission at first and then spend the rest of the contest practicing my craft once my gear is set back up. At the very least it'll get me writing and recording again and give me enough material to knock down some cobwebs on my youtube and bandcamp pages.

Yeah, screw it. I'm in.

Okay kids, it's the moment nobody's been waiting for:

I've decided how I'm actually going to use Google+. I think.

My buddy +david reiss doesn't follow me on Facebook because it's simply a mirror of my twitter feed. He dislikes the idea of replicating content across multiple platforms, and I agree with him in principle. Hell, I agree with him in practice when anyone else does it...

...I do it myself because (A) my twitter followers and my Facebook friends, for the most part, do not intersect, (2) I have enough trouble coming up with a single creative thing to say in a day, let alone enough to diversify my content across three separate social networks each with their own slant, and (D) sometimes I'll just happen to have a single thing I want to say to everybody, which is sort of a combination of my first two reasons, but I really needed a third one to complete the Home Alone reference.

So, what then, should I use each of these for?

I think I've got it now.

Twitter: Still my big gun. I originally created that account to hone my skills as a creative writer. Anyone can barf out 500 words in hopes that something of value is gonna stick in the reader's mind; it's much tougher to be consistently witty within a 140 character constraint. I wanted to use twitter for "funny practice". Over time, however, and thanks to the heat death of the TooMuchAwesome community, twitter became the hangout and home base for a running dialogue between all my internet songwriter friends. It became the off-topic forum we contestants visited after a hard day in the studio to unwind. This is still gonna be the place where I go shoot the breeze with everybody, and I'll still generate content that filters over to the Blue Monster.

Facebook: Sure, all my status updates will be the same as what I post to twitter, but this is also where I'll write snarky comments to people who tag me in pictures.

So that leaves google+. Here at google+, I'm gonna pick up the torch that I snuffed out when I stopped writing over at my blog, Prose Justice. Blogging doesn't work anymore unless you're a full-time blogger. Which is to say, if you want to publish a newspaper all by yourself. I don't and I can't. Microblogging, however, anyone can do... nevermind the fact that I'm approaching that 500-word mark and I still haven't actually told you what I promised I would back at the second sentence of this post.

So here it actually is, the Thing I'm Going To Do Here: google+ is going to be the place where I chronicle my struggles as an amateur musician trying to get out of the rut. My line of thinking is that if I keep writing about music, maybe that will get me into the headspace I need to be in to actually write music. If twitter is still "funny practice", then google+ is gonna be "musician practice". This idea absolutely cannot fail.

Hmm. So, I'm in nine kerplillion people's circles now. And I never write anything here. So, I guess depending on your perspective, I'm sorry / you're welcome.
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