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Is your hair thinning on the top section, a full wig may be too much for you.. Ellen Wille have some amazing top pieces made of synthetic and human hair to suit your needs and budget… They come in many different colours to blend in with your natural…
Top Pieces - Wig Wonders
Top Pieces - Wig Wonders
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Friction frizz is known in the wig world like split ends are of the hair world. It only happens to synthetic wigs not human hair wigs. You can use specific products to try and reduce the systems but you will never be able to prevent it. The longer hair…
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Are you undergoing treatment which will cause hair loss? or Do you have severe alopecia? Then you should not pay the VAT on your wig. Customers who require wigs due to any medical reason such as alopecia or hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment…
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Here are some FAQ's hopefully this will help with some questions many clients have about wigs... especially for a new wig wearer..

Here I will address the most common questions....

What is meant by cap construction?

1. Capless - Identified by the open wefting through out the wig allowing the air to circulate. The construction creates volume and lift due to the slight pre- teasing found at the root area. Light weight, airy and comfortable.

2.Monofilament - Identified by the hand knotted sheer base which creates a very natural look and allows you to style and part the hair in any direction you like so that the hair looks like it is growing from the scalp. There are 3 construction types: Monofilament top, monofilament parting and monofilament crown. Very popular and natural.

3. Hand tied - Identified by the hand knotted sheer base which is extremely light and contours to the shape of the scalp. Specifically designed for people with total hairloss or sensitve scalps. The hair can be styled or parted in any direction and has a very natural look. Light weight and very comfortable.

4. Lacefront - Identified by the hand knotted lace front. Very popular due to creating a natural hairline and allowing you to wear the hair away from the face.
Do wigs coming in different sizes?

90% of wearers need an average size wig, so only 10% are petite or large. There are a few manufacturers on the market that make wigs in these sizes.. but styles and colours are limited...

Should I buy a Human or Synthetic wig?

Synthetic wigs are everywhere and come in many different styles and colours.. Like everything, you get what you pay for so be careful with the very cheap wigs......

Good quality synthetic wigs are very realistic but human hair are the best if you can afford it...

I have listed below the main advantages and disadvantages of both...
Human Hair Wigs:


Natural appearance
Can be restyled
Heat resistant
Natural texture and fall


Colour fads
More expensive
Heavier than fibre hair
Needs to be styled
Dries slowly
Synthetic Wigs:


Has the appearance of human hair
Dries quickly
Colour does not fad
Easy to maintain,


Friction Frizz
Cannot be restyled
Prone to heat damage
Life expectancy is less
New on the market are flexi-fibre wigs which are heat defiant synthetic wigs which can be blow dried and even straightened but styles are limited at present

How do I wash my synthetic wig?

Your synthetic wig does not like heat so ensure you have purchased the correct wig shampoo, conditioner and styling products as they are cold water soluble.....

Before washing, detangle your wig with a wide tooth comb or wig brush
Fill a bowl with tepid water and the specialised wig shampoo
Gently agitate your wig back and fourth
Rinse thoroughly
Then apply wig conditioner
Again rinse thoroughly to ensure no residue
Place carefully in a towel and blot excess water
Place on a wig stand or head
Detangle carefully
Leave to dry naturally
When completely dry, spray in leave in condtioner or fibre oil
Style accordingly
If worn daily, you may need to wash your wig every 10 to 14 days.......

To prolong washing, wear a stocking cap underneath to absorb any perspiration and use styling products to a minimum....

If you have anymore questions about your full wig, hairpiece, synthetic or human hair wig...

Please contact Sara on 02392 361 594 or 07900 921 594 or email me at
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Wigwonders is open after the Christmas and New year break… Welcome to 2017!!!! Opening hours are: Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm Saturday 10am – 5pm Offering a wide variety of different wig manufacturers who supply realistic human hair or synthetic fibre wigs…
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Need a wig for Christmas? There are only a few more days to ensure you get your wig in time for Christmas… please contact me, as orders generally take 3 working days to arrive if ordered specially for you… All styling and aftercare products are all in…
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Are you searching for Wigs in Waterlooville?

I started my hairdressing career 30 years ago at a local college in Fareham which I thoroughly enjoyed and knew immediately this was going to be my chosen career.

I have worked in many salons in different positions including stylist and colour technician.

Whilst bringing up my family I was able to work as a freelance hairdresser offering a mobile service, as my children grew I trained as a college lecturer and received my Teaching qualification, D32/D33 and CertEd.

#Wigs #SyntheticWigs #Waterlooville
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#Wigs #SyntheticWigs #Waterlooville

Wigs in Waterlooville

Want an alternative to wearing a wig?

There are many fashionable bandanas designed for hair loss suffers. They are all cotton or cotton jersey and are available many colours, patterns and styles to add variety to your look.

Wigwonders stock a number of alternative wig accessories and bandanas and you can purchase any of these items from the comfort of your own home using PayPal. (All prices shown include VAT) See below for Wigwonders accessories in stock:
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#Wigs #SyntheticWigs #Waterlooville

Wigs in Waterlooville

Wig accessories are really important to ensure you look after your wig or hairpiece and prolong its life, whether human hair or synthetic.

Remember: Synthetic fibres do not like heat and they need to be washed in cool water. All the products that you use need to be cold water soluble, so you will need to buy certain shampoo, conditioner and styling products to maintain their fabulous look.

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#Wigs #SyntheticWigs #Waterlooville

Wigwonders Ltd - Wigs in Waterlooville

Can’t find the right wig for you?
We have plenty more wigs for sale available to order on approval for you that come in many different colours, shades and styles.

For further wig information on stocked wigs and wig services please don’t hesitate to contact me or book an appointment.

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