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programming, fiddling, cooking, climbing
programming, fiddling, cooking, climbing

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I am humbled daily by the intelligence, drive, and creativity of the people I work with on +Ubuntu  at +Canonical .  #JustSaying

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Card to hotel room... - Hello GopherCon!

So if I want to check in online with United Airlines, I must download their app, which gives them access to "browsing history and bookmarks, accounts on the device, calendar information, photos, media, files" and it can make calls on my behalf.

This is like blackmail. I don't want to give them all that info. What's wrong with just emailing me the darn checkin scan code image like any other decent airline?

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Just found this in the garden.

Some slides from a talk I gave on Gocharm on Friday Source at #juju #golang

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I wrote a little package to encapsulate this pattern, which is almost as simple as what you're doing here, but it avoids starting all the goroutines when the total number of tasks is less than the max concurrency, and it also gathers errors. When the task matches this pattern (not that uncommon) I often reach for this tool.

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I wonder if they've seen the upcoming big.Float package. 

For anyone who is struggling to work out how to publish draft comments under Gerrit like I was, this is how you do it:

- Click on the "Patch sets (n/m)" button near the top right of the window.
- Select the patch set with the comments that you'd like to publish (it should have a little icon indicating that there are unpublished comments).
- Click on "Reply" near the top of the screen.
- Click on "Post", adding any cover text you want.

That took me far too long to work out!

#golang #gerrit

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roger peppe commented on a post on Blogger.
Nice! It might be worth mentioning that if you already have a Go development installed, the easiest way of installing the petname command is:

    go get

which also installs the Go package.


Google+ is absolutely rubbish at showing up to date information on posts. I've already seen a comment, then I go back to the post and it's not there. I suspect it's an implementation choice to use some kind of eventual consistency data model, but it's quite frustrating, and it contrasts badly with facebook, which presents a much more consistent view.
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