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Erika Kerekes
Food entrepreneur | Communicator | Obsessive food blogger
Food entrepreneur | Communicator | Obsessive food blogger

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I am absolutely drooling over these! Beautiful photos and what a creative use for your Blueberry White Pepper Not Ketchup - glad the kids enjoyed it too. :)

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Best prices of the year for everything in the +Not Ketchup online store. Black Friday starts NOW!
Black Friday is starting early at Not Ketchup!

Now through Cyber Monday, use code NKBLACKFRIDAY for 20% off EVERYTHING at, including our limited-time-only holiday gift packs.

The foodies in your life will love getting some Not Ketchup this holiday season. These are the best prices you'll see all year and end when we run out of stuff to sell, so don't delay!

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Every time I give out samples of +Not Ketchup I hear more ideas from customers for how to use it. Fruit ketchup on hot dogs! Fruit ketchup on ice cream! Fruit ketchup on scrambled eggs! Fruit ketchup on white rice! It's amazing - I went into this business thinking these were just sauces for meat!

#fruitketchup   #notketchup   #dipdifferently   #awesomesauce   #cooking   #recipes   #recipe  
Are you wondering how exactly you might use our fruit ketchup in your kitchen? Here are 21 ideas for putting Not Ketchup to work in your cooking, from cocktails to brownies to one-pot dinners. Enjoy!

#cooking   #recipes   #notketchup   #dipdifferently   #awesomesauce   #fruitketchup  

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The site looks great +Blake Cooley - and I love the concept. Who is putting together the tours?

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Thrilled to see this great article in +TechCrunch about my friends at +Hatchery . When you check out the Hatchery Marketplace, look at what's in this month's box - yep, that's Cherry Chipotle +Not Ketchup !

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I love love LOVE this story!
From my friend and WordPress fix-it guru +Chris Werben:

Received a box of Not Ketchup today. The 5yo was curious what was in the box. Here's approximately how the conversation went.

LR: What's in the box, Dad?

Me: What do you think is in the box?

LR: (picks up the box and gives it a shake) Baseball stuff.

Me: Nope. I'll give you a hint. It's Not Ketchup.

LR: (giggles) DAAaaaadd! That's silly.

Me: So what do you think is in the box?

LR: Baseball stuff.

Me: Nope. But I can give you a hint and tell you that it's Not Ketchup.

LR: Computer stuff.

Me: Nope. Not baseball stuff and not computer stuff. But I can still tell you that it's Not Ketchup.

LR: (rolling eyes and giggling) It must be baseball stuff.

Me: Let's ask your brother and mother. JH, what do you think is in the box?

JH: (10yo also picks up the box and shakes it) Ummm... an iPad?

Me: Nope. Cara, what do you think is in the box?

Cara (mom): Not Ketchup!

(both kids laugh but still look puzzled)

Me: When I pay for the items in this box, who gets the money?

LR: The people at the store.

JH: I dunno.

Me: Cara, who gets paid for the items in this box?

Cara: Not Ketchup!

Me: And they deserve every penny of it!

We kept this up for another 5 minutes until I opened the box. And what do you think was in the box?


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I hope I can take a picture good enough to enter into this contest!
Win a Canon 100mm macro lens!  The food photography contest is officially open!  I am running the contest on my Facebook page.

There are two categories - one for food bloggers and one for professional food photographers.  This is a free contest to enter so please share this with all your food blogger friends.  Winners will be announced August 21st, 2014 in honor of National Food Photography Day.

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These with some +Not Ketchup - yep, that's all you need for a great holiday weekend. Enjoy the 4th everyone!
I assume everyone is smoking bacon wrapped onion rings for #4thofJuly, right? :)
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