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Could use some assistance on this one please... Took an existing ad group that had 300+ keywords in it and broke out those keywords into more granular ad groups of 10-20 per so more relevant ad's could be used and tested. Here is the issue, since the change my bounce rate had increased, cost/converted click has increased but more alarming is the decrease in converted clicks-Mostly in desktop/tablet.. Thoughts?

More on the ad groups, each only have exact and phrase KW with negatives in place from other ad groups within the campaign to prevent overlapping coverage. Broad modified KW in  their own AG again with negs in place to prevent other KW from appearing.

Previous settings were : Delivery method- standard, now they have been changed to accelerated. Ad rotation was optimize for clicks and now they are set for rotate indefinitely to a/d test ad's.

Anyone care to comment on the issue that could have caused the loss in conversions? Thank you in advance!

What metric in adwords do you use to determine a performance incentive bonus from your client or company you work for?

Campaign budget question: I recently lowered my campaign budget without changing anything else ( new keywords etc.) and lost impression share over the next few weeks in addition to clicks. My question is this- If I re-instate the previous budget or even raise my budget above what it was prior to the change I should expect an increase in clicks and impressions, correct?

My quality score is 9 and 10 for just about all the keywords in this Campaign.
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