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A college webcomic, with added super powers.
A college webcomic, with added super powers.

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What's this?  A wild comic appears!

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Added a news post to the most recent comic - this will not prompt a new RSS item so here it is in full.

I realise there have been few new comics lately, and my last few before that were a bit filler in nature. Splash pages and ponies and what not. Broadly speaking, the kittens have been taking up increasing amounts of spare time - what with vets and trips to prospective owners and so forth - and the comic has suffered. I've thought of something that may help to bridge the gap until things settle down, but even that is going to take slightly more time than I actually have. Still, watch this space.

Incidentally: We haven't told the kittens, I don't think they would want to know they are causing such distress to fans of poorly-scrawled faux superhero antics.

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Oh, here is Ruby I guess.

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I decided to colour the two most recent comics available and upload them to DeviantArt, and since I had them in fairly high resolution there was no reason in the world not to make them available as prints.  Here's Manny!  Soon as Ruby's finished processing I'll link her too.  Or, at least, some time after that.

New profile pic!  To go with the new cover photo.

That is all.

I forgot to upload Tuesday's comic! After staying up specially to make it, too.

Somebody give me motivation not to just use it as Friday's comic.

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In case you missed it on Tuesday: We're back! Again. Fingers crossed, it should stick this time.


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For anyone wondering why there's no comic today - my PC is currently inoperable. This is what I get for flying without a buffer...

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I was going to try and make people feel old by saying my characters are younger than compact discs, but then I realised they became commercially available in 1983 and were initially developed before I was born, so a good portion of my readership are probably younger than them too.

(I'm not going to share every strip on G+ like this, I just had something I wanted to say about this one.)

(Oh, I guess this should go in the News box on the website, huh? Oh well.)
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