Operation lolBAF - Epiphany Night Edition

Firstly I would like to really thank everyone that was involved in making this op a reality, we all came together to make this a really fun adventure where fun times were had by all.

Well… what happens when a joke is taken to the next level… Yeah it was kinda unbelievable that it was pulled off, some wonderful people went well above and beyond to help make it work.

The purpose of lolBAF:
Long links
Black Illuminati
Big fun op
Baflova - See pictures
Use some gear - Antarctica Keys / VRLA

Without the following people the fun that was had with this op would not have been possible.

+Araldia Primbee
+Tommy Brah
+Cptn Kase
+Erin Vink
+Aaron Willcox
@sirlegend - what a legend!!


452,949km cumulative link length
126,941,527 MU
90 layers to Antarctica
41 agents involved
5 x Black & 1 Platinum Illuminator
BAFed 2 capital cities

#ingress #sitrep

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +Niantic Project
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