This is a great list for people starting Google + posting.
My Recipe for the Perfect Google+ Post

I love taking time to create a really good Google+ post and in a hangout today people asked for my recipe. Google+ gives us extra tools to customize and add visual appeal to our content, use what's available and bake a better post. I'm happy to share the steps and I hope they help you too!

1. Start with a bold, relevant title (think blog post title).

2. Write a brief summary for your post. Entice people to read your blog article.

3. Add some interesting bullet points that highlight your topic.

4. Use a full size image with proper credit for the source.

5. Use formatting in your post to make it visually appealing and to break up the text.

6. Tag people that might be interested.

7. Add two or three relevant hashtags. Find what's trending on G+ on What's Hot and join the party.

8. Engage with people who comment on or share your post. Use ripples to find who has shared it.

I use this recipe each time I post on Google+, this post uses all these examples.  How to you post to Google+?

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