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has anyone had an issue with Muzei using the music extention? It works fine with my phone, but on my Pixel C tablet I only get Album covers on the lockscreen. Home sreens continue to work with Spotify and google play but not with Doubletwist. Ideas?

Could a setting be added to allow the most recent notification always be showing?
This would be very useful when responding to a text quickly as these are what many of us get the most of.

Thanks..... Sorry if this exists and I missed it. 

I enabled persistent notifications but the app "notification toggles" still doesnt show up.

Is there a " toggling app" that will show up with nils?

I want to be able to quickly turn on flashlight, wifi etc.. from the lockscreen.


I'm not getting any weather even as I have it checked and its not finding auto or manual location. My wifi and location is turned on and working fine.
Any thoughts? 

I'm not seeing where you can unlock all features.... Upgrade so that the themes will work.
Perhaps I upgraded in the past because it shows a check on premium inside the app.

In any case, I downloaded iseven app theme and it won't apply. 

ASAP is a great launcher. Tim says in his app description that it is not a launcher for those into customization (like myself), however I used it for a good while.
I've decided to go back to Total Launcher because I really need to be able to use my own widgets (weather timeline for example), and I just need more freedom to change things and add things. I really need folders also - I have bunches of apps that I use daily and need access to quickly, far more than the asap dock will allow. I also prefer the same background beneath all my "pages" and use totally transparent widgets.I can custom create any page I want in Total, but it does come with a great "contacts page".
That said, the ASAP developer did a fantastic job creating these custom "pages" and the wallpaper extraction is beautiful.
I think there is a strong need for this launcher for those looking for a beautiful, fast, no frills, little customization experience. If I was the developer I'd call it good and leave it alone at this point because everyone wants something more and different and if you try to please everyone you will eventually end up with a launcher that it's not trying to be.

I'm assuming that creating an icon pack is a 2 step process where in step one you choose a design software like photoshop or Gimp and create your icons, then in step 2, import them into a template such as 1dynasty's. Is this correct?

i don't see any information anywhere on the web or youtube about how you start with the design process. For example, lets say I want to make a custom icon for Gmail in my icon pack.
Where do I go to get an original Gmail icon to then fool around with it? Is there a developer set of original icons out there somewhere?

I have developed apps but all dealt with coding, and none of that helps me until I have the icons.

So, can someone please point me in the right direction as to how to begin designing. Also please give me some software options as I'm not certain I want to subscribe to photoshop.


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ASAP and Floatify. A good match for those who want notifications on the home page. Wallpaper behind changing with current music track... 

ASAP launcher is the best! 

Pic with music widget:

Fantastic Launcher! Well done Tim!
I know your aim is keeping it simple and fast, but would be helpful to have ability to create folders inside the expandaple dock since not a ton of room there.
Also, there is an automatic gesture to lock screen on double tap. Any way to access the gestures? I do like the single tap near edges to pull up either the all apps or tools!

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