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Raymond Rodgers
Who exactly am I? The question ever in search of an answer.
Who exactly am I? The question ever in search of an answer.

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I don't care what your political affiliation is. I don't care who your candidate is. I don't want to know, and I'm not going to ask or tell you mine. Vote tomorrow, with your heart, your conscience, your mind, and, if you're religiously inclined, your God. Vote for your country and your world, and how you want to see it. Then put aside all of this partisan crap once and for all.

Our country has been divided for far too long. I'm not talking about the last 8 years, the last 16, or even really the last 50 or so. There has existed a division among Americans by class, race, and religion going back before we even were a country. Some of that was reduced when the United States was founded. It was reduced again with the abolishment of slavery and the civil rights movement and suffrage. Eight years ago reduced it even more with the election of the first black president.

No matter what your candidate's beliefs, put your heart and efforts into fixing this country. We all see different problems with the way things are here everyday, but no matter who is in the White House, it's up to each of us to work to resolve the problems and heal the country.

So stop bitching about it, stop complaining, and do something about it. It doesn't even have to be hard: say hello to a complete stranger or offer them a hand, sincerely, when you can plainly see they need it. If you see someone being mistreated because of their race, religion, sexual preference/orientation, or country of origin, speak up for them, even if you don't agree with their "choice." Take a moment to remember and realize that you'd want someone to do that for you.

That's what made America great in the first place, not some uniformity of race and religion and origin or business acumen or military might. We were willing to set aside all that crap and be "We the People of the United States of America."

Let's be that again.

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I'm at the commissioning ceremony of the USS Detroit LCS-7... Interesting ceremony, slightly marred by a woman shouting profanity at Governor Snyder about Flint. Not that I blame her, but this isn't about him, but the men and women that will serve aboard a ship named for the city of my birth and I love.
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I may be wrong but this sounds like conspiracy to commit espionage to me... And it certainly sounds violate campaign laws and ethics. If what Hilary did was illegal, per Trump, certainly this should be by his own judgement.

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It may be too late for the media to finally wake up and stop directly and indirectly promoting Trump, but at least someone's finally acknowledged what should be scaring everyone about him.

Of course Black Lives Matter! So do White Lives! And Brown Lives, Asian Lives, Middle Eastern Lives, Blue Lives and all other lives! Let's face it, every human life matters. Every human life is sacred. Every single one of us could be the next Einstein, Da Vinci, Chaplin, Ghandi, Mohammed Ali, or next big thing. We have to learn to respect life and each other even if we disagree on every fundamental issue. We have to learn how to allow others to have their viewpoints without sacrificing our own or asking them to sacrifice theirs. We have to start working together to build a better world for all of us, and especially our children, rather than tearing apart the one we live in. Peace is never easy, but it's always worth it. All lives matter! Spread that little bit of wisdom.

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#ThrowbackThursday: Chewbacca was known for his professional nature on set. Often, he would spend hours discussing the essence of a scene.

Since March 27 or so, I've been walking in the mornings with the intention of improving my overall health. I usually walk 5 days a week and take the other two off for rest and recovery. In the grand scheme I haven't walked very far, but at approximately 68 miles total (usually around 2.5 miles per day) that is a huge number for me. I'm pleased with myself for setting out for these walks and covering this distance when I wasn't convinced I would keep it up for a few days.

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There is no justification for hitting anyone outside of self defense, and even then, the best defense is to not be in the situation that might lead to violence.

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Attending Start Trek The Ultimate Voyage with a dear friend and enjoying the hell out of it.
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